Look Minimalist, Not Boring

No collars, no colours, no curves. Sounds a bit boring, doesn’t it? This spring‘s minimalist look may sound like a bore but, done right, it can be sophisticated and stylish. Here are a few tips to help you look minimalist, not boring!

Embrace neutral colours
Minimalism is all about neutrals: black, white, grey, beige and cream. If this neutral palette seems dull, think again! Black is flatters every figure, white is hot for spring and summer, grey makes bright eyes burst and beige and cream are so classy. Also, don’t forget, minimal does not mean monochrome. (Unless, of course, you want it to.) Don’t be afraid to mix and match your neutrals!

Sneak in a bit of colour
Ok, we will admit, neutrals alone can get a little boring. Add a belt, purse or pair of shoes in a lively colour like orange! Or, if you’re really craving colour, pair a white shirt with rusty red, emerald green or periwinkle blue trousers. This look, é  la Jil Sander, definitely makes a statement!

Don’t be afraid to mix your fabrics
Another way to wear the minimalist trend is to mix your fabrics. Cotton, silk and leather, in particular, have been prominent on the runways. (Notice that we didn’t include denim?) For example, try pairing a sheer, silk blouse with a softened leather skirt.

Look for geometric shapes
Take a lesson in geometry from BCBG Max Azria’s spring runway show. A pink trapezoid in the middle of a greige dress is one way to keep things interesting! Look for neutral items of clothing with squares, rectangles and even stripes of colour.

Keep hair and make up simple
Minimalism doesn’t just refer to your clothing. It refers to your hair and make up too! For a sleek look, try a ponytail or chignon. For a more feminine look, try soft curls. As for your make up, stick with a bit of peachy blush, mascara and nude lips. (Try taking inspiration from Calvin Klein models.)

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