90s Fashion Trends We Wish We Could Forget

Do you cringe when you look back at your high school yearbook? That awful haircut or clothing trend you wish you never bought in to?

We’ve rounded up the 90s trends we’d love to forget:




What’s cooler than orange fleece doctor’s pants?


Northern Getaway

Animals on sweaters isn’t a new trend!

Cat Street Boys Northern Getaway


The day FUBU was officially "out" was the day this photo below was taken.



Meant for athletes who wanted to undress quicky, tearaways soon became a clothing trend to promote easy access.


Especially stylish if it was DIY!

Tie Dye 90s


Overalls are supposed to be a protective garment for mechanics. But, we thought they were trendy!

JTT overalls


… and "the Rachel"

Jennifer Anniston

Platform Shoes

Anything the Spice Girls wore was cool.

Spice Girls

Tube Tops

Anything Britney Spears wore was cool.

Tube Top Britney Spears 90s Trends

Jelly Shoes

with glitter!

Jelly Shoes

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