Trend Alert: Ballet Fashion For Fall

Despite how frequently I try and remind people I was once in a music video at Apartment 200 (see, I just did it again) I am by no means a “dancer.” Sure, I frequently dance alone in my kitchen and I can manage the Soulja Boy routine, but I’ve never been to a dance class per se. I can’t pirouette, do that cool body popping thing or even sustain more than five seconds of the “Single Ladies” dance.

However, this does not, in any way shape or form, diminish my desire to look like a dancer because I pretty much think dancers are the epitome of cool. If we’re being honest with each other, this conviction has a lot to do with the movie Step Up and the magic that was Jenna Dewan-Tatum (before she added the Tatum, of course) and Channing Tatum’s romance (seriously, I dare you to watch that movie and not desperately want to get into a dance battle at a club). But since I can’t actually bust a move, the second best thing is wearing so much lycra and items that wrap, that it looks like I can.

Sure, the likelihood of Channing Tatum lifting me into the air in a shipyard is slim to none, unless I literally kidnap him and force him to recreate this dance scene with me (wait what?), but who says ballet clothes are just for dancing? I mean other than ballet dancers and people who resent me for trying to pull off leg warmers. Fortunately, this fall, ballet clothes are making a comeback bigger than Channing Tatum in the final recital. Batten down the hatches friends, this is one major trend alert.

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Lace-up ballet shoes


We all better pray to the weather gods that there isn’t much rain in the forecast this fall, because there are going to be a whole lot of SYTYCD posers (myself included) trying to pull off these delicate little ballet slippers. Ever since Miu Miu launched a whole line of them, these lace-up slippers have been popping up everywhere; from this Man Repeller DIY to this inexpensive ASOS pair.

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