5 Ways to Keep Cool in a Heat Wave

Heat wave! If you’ve taken to standing in front of your open freezer door or laying naked under a fan, we have some more enticing solutions to keep cool during these hot summer months. The heat and humidity can wear you out, leaving you with a headache and no energy. Here are some tips to keep refreshed, cool and still enjoy yourself.

Fashion Fix
Dressing for the weather is an important factor when keeping cool. The best way to protect yourself from heat stroke is to keep your head covered and there isn’t a more chic way to do it than with a fabulous and large summer hat. This summer, fashion is taking a cue from the seventies, which means a floppy oversized hat is the ideal accessory to invest in this season.

When sipping on poolside cocktails with your friends, we recommend donning the Pins And Needles Basic Straw Floppy Hat from Urban Outfitters in Neutral, $29.

 Pins and Needles Basic Straw Floppy Hat

Cool Meals
Just as a warm soup keeps us toasty in the winter months, a cool dinner will keep you from overheating this season. A barbeque might not be such a good idea in a heat wave. Instead, opt for smoothies, iced coffee, cold pastas, salads and wraps. And when it comes to cocktails, crushed ice drinks like a Bellini or Caprioska (Google for recipes) are some fun ways to quench your thirst.

Go Shopping
Hit an air-conditioned mall for some mid-day retail therapy. The cool air will give you that boost of energy you need to make some critical wardrobe decisions. This way you can get a head start on your fall wardrobe and take advantage of the end of season summer sales. It is a win-win situation.

Rise Early
If you have a lot of outdoor activities to accomplish like working in the garden or going for a run, try and knock them out early in the morning before the temperatures rise as it gets closer to noon. If you are not a morning person, take advantage of the longer days while the sun is still out and cooler in the evening.

Pool Party
This is probably the most fun and obvious way to keep cool during the heat wave. Stock a cooler with drinks, put on some jams, call your friends and jump in! If you don’t have a pool many hotels, fitness centers and public pools allow access for a small price. Don’t forget to apply your sunblock first!

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