The Perfect Messy Bun

There isn’t much time in a day, and somehow this lazy go-to updo is the perfect way to save time and still fake a good hair day. Without being too prima ballerina, this slightly undone do transitions easily with your outfit from work day tailored pieces, to a date-night dress. With a number of celebrities rocking the messy bun in designer digs on the red carpet, we see no reason why going to the grocery store can’t be tabloid worthy.

Step #1:
Start by spraying dry hair with a volumizing product from roots to ends. If you have thick hair, apply mousse to damp hair before blowdrying and using a paddle brush to smooth your strands.

Step #2:
Put your hair into a mid to low ponytail after you’ve separated your hair into your natural part, and secure it with an elastic. Both side and centre parts work, so don’t fret that your part isn’t right.

Step #3:
Enhance the fullness of the bun by gently teasing one inch sections of your ponytail. Lay off the Jersey Shore hair damage and use a fine tooth comb. If you have a side part, lightly tease the largest side of the part, closest to your head. If you want to skip the tease, loosen your hair up a little bit by running your fingers through the front sections to add texture. Layers in front? Let a few strands fall free around your face, or tuck them behind your ear.

Step #4:
Twist and wrap your hair around the base as you would normally when making a bun. When you have a couple of inches left over, separate those pieces into 2-3 smaller pieces. Twist each piece before pinning them randomly into the bun, and the more flyways the merrier.

Step #5:
You’ll need a strong hold finishing spray to make sure everything stays put. If you feel so inclined to accessorize, a skinny headband looks pretty set two inches back from your forehead.

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