Home Remedies to Cure a Sunburn

In the summer months, it’s much easier to take the effects weather can cause for granted.  It is easy to forget to re-apply that sunblock every couple hours, especially with all that fun there is to be had, but failing to do so can cause painful and skin-damaging burns.  So the next time a painful burn pops up, use these simple home remedies to not only help cure the burn, but help lessen the severity and pain levels.

1) Pull out the heat
The main source of a burn’s pain is the heat that is trapped inside the skin. Many products like lotions or thick creams can actually help seal this heat in and prolonging the painful process.  To keep this from happening, make sure the heat is pulled from the burn before any lotion or skin products are applied.  And some of the best ways to remove heat from burns can be found right in the kitchen.  Use tomatoes, vinegar, or even pickle brine to cool off a sunburn’s painful sting.  Products with a strong acidity level cool off the skin while working double duty to keep the heat away.  Slice up a tomato and rub it on the burned areas, or dip a cloth in vinegar or pickle brine and rub (very gently!) over the skin.  Leave this sit for a few hours and then wash off ¦ with cold, or at the very warmest, room temperature water.  Tomato juice, iced green tea, baking soda mixed with water, and aloe vera plants can also be used for this remedy.  An ice pack will also help remove the heat, or for those who are super brave, an ice bath.  The colder, the more heat will be removed!

2) Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize
Once the heat is out of a burn (it will be much less painful and lighter in color), it’s important to keep the skin moisturized to minimize the peeling process.  Apply lotion several times per day.  And lotion is one instance where it’s ok to splurge and get the really good stuff.  Skin can tell the difference.  Another option is to make your own concoction of lotion.  An old remedy calls for two parts vitamin E lotion, one half part vaseline, and one part baby lotion.  This recipe will quench skin’s thirst and leave it super soft. However, be weary of trapping heat with the vaseline; this recipe is better suited for sunburns where the heat is completely removed, or to be safe, when the burn is a few days old.  

Lotioning often will reduce or even prevent peeling skin.  The moisture helps keep skin from flaking and peeling that is often associated with burnt or dead skin.

3) Protect
For those brave enough to still travel into the sun with a severe burn, sunblock up!  Forty five SPF, 50, even 60.  In this situation, the higher, the better.  Children’s sunscreen is also a great option because it’s made for kid’s sensitive skin.  Apply sunscreen often and in heavy doses.  And be sure to pick up a brand that’s waterproof/sweatproof.  But most of all, stay in the shade! 

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