Six Signs You’ve Found ‘The One’

Love is a tricky game. One minute you’ve got butterflies and the blushes, the next minute you’re at each others throats, wondering what on earth you ever saw in this person. Fast forward twenty minutes and you’re suddenly wondering how you will possibly ever live without them. See? Tricky.

So how do you decipher all these insane, crazy emotions and figure out when you’ve found the one who is worth all the ups and down? Like this…

You tell him (and sometimes only him) everything
You know that feeling when something truly amazingly awesome happens in your life? You know, like when you land a huge promotion or you score an wicked deal on a pair killer heels? Is it his number that is the very first you dial? Is he the one you are absolutely BURSTING to tell? Is he the only one whom it really matters if he knows? Then this guy is definitely worth keeping around.

You don’t have to say anything at all
One of the biggest telltale signs that you’ve found that person who you are meant to be with forever are those nights when you can sit in total silence, for hours on end, and still feel content and happy and loved. Trust us, they don’t put that cliche “reading the Sunday paper in their underwear in silence” scene in every rom-com without reason.

You are still think he’s the hottest thing ever
Sure, he might have put on a little bit of relationship padding and he might be thinning out in a few other places (baseball caps are cute though, right?) but if he can walk through the door at a party and still be, to you, the sexiest, most handsome man in the room, then you can be sure he always will be even with even more padding and even less hair.

You never fake it
Yeah, yeah. We know what you’re thinking. And yes, we are talking about never faking “that” but we’re also talking about the simple fact that you are completely and utterly content being yourself with him. He knows it all of you — your good side, your bad side, and even your (unwashed, unkept, unmakeup’d) ugly side¦and he still loves you. And you would be silly not to love him too.

You fight
Sure, this one probably seems weird to have on the list¦but couples who never fight, never learn how to manage conflict, a trait that will undoubtedly affect their relationship in the future. Couples who fight, and who learn the best ways to deal with their partner under pressure, are usually the ones who come out the strongest in the end.

You love him (and so does everyone else)
Obviously it is a great sign when you have fallen completely head-over-heels for your guy but when the people who surround you, the friends and family who are the other most important people to you, also start falling for him, you can be pretty positive that he’s the one.

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