Canadian Fashion Icons To Be Proud Of

Canada tends to be overlooked regularly. But instead of comparing ourselves to America or the rest of the world, let’s acknowledge what’s in our own backyard — especially in terms of fashion. Canada has its own stratosphere of Canadian fashion icons, and while it’s easy to play the humble, quiet part, let’s raise our pride over these forces of style.

1. Emily Haines
Whether it’s the uniform of jeans and Converse from her Broken Social Scene days or today’s metallics, mini dresses, sequins and leather, Metric’s Emily Haines has fused the worlds of music and fashion thanks to her unique takes on current trends. Always one to be herself, Emily also recently opened up to Rolling Stone about her conscious effort to maintain a certain aesthetic, admitting that she’s currently channeling the ˜50s-era Brat Pack and that it’s braver to embrace glamour than to reject it in the indie-rock world.

Danier Leather Jacket Emily Haines

2. Jessica Paré©
While Jessica Paré© holds her own on the red carpet, it’s been her wardrobe on the latest season of Mad Men that’s helped kick our vintage obsession into high gear. Through bright dresses, clean lines and that unforgettable black number from the season premiere, Jessica embodies Fall 2012 perfectly. True, her penchant for black and lace outside of the wardrobe department works great too, but you’d be hard-pressed to find anyone who can wear ˜60s-era costumes and make them look current.

Jessica Pare Mad Men Style

3. Coco Rocha
Arguably one of Canada’s biggest fashion superstars (considering she’s a bona fide fashion model), Coco Rocha helps make the industry seem accessible through her involvement in Canadian events and TV series. Having most recently appeared at a Chicago event donning snakeskin print and weathered leather ankle boots, she stays on-trend without seeming over-calculated, and inspires through her casual interpretation of the season’s biggest looks.

Coco Rocha

4. Rachel McAdams
She may be seen around Toronto at various frozen yogurt establishments, but Rachel McAdams’ fashion efforts are just as noteworthy as her film roles. Often snapped dressed casually when out and about, she uses her red carpet appearance to channel timeless glamour through classic silhouettes, bright colours and subtle hairstyles. Complimenting neutral tones with red lipstick or the smokey eye, Rachel proves the importance of balance “ as well as just how interesting it can be.

Rachel McAdams Style

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