The Best Anti-Frizz Hair Products

Regardless of it being after Labour Day, we’ve still got a few weeks of humidity left. So instead of encouraging you to hide your hair under a hat (especially since hat head can be even worse), we’ve rounded up the best anti-frizz hair products so you can ease into fall without the air of Roseanne Roseannadanna.

1. Dove STYLE+CARE Extra Hold Hairspray
The secret to frizz-free hair may be sitting on the shelves of your favourite drug store. Dove STYLE+CARE Extra Hold Hairspray not only curtails the effects of humidity, but also keeps hair looking shiny and healthy, and won’t dry out your locks in the process. Simply finish styling by spraying all over, and if you’re worried about a stiff-looking style, fear not “ Dove offers a Flexible Hold (and non-aerosol) alternative, too.

2. MoroccanOil Frizz Control
We’ve sung the praises of MoroccanOil before, so naturally their answer to humidity, rain and all-around frizz is one of our hair care must-haves. Tailored to lock in moisture (so you can apply it throughout the fall and winter when air gets dryer), it also controls static, so when humidity eases up, you’ll still have a secret weapon in terms of keeping hair looking the way you want. Apply to damp hair and style accordingly.

3. TRESemme Climate Control Shampoo and Conditioner
The best way to fight frizz is to keep hair healthy, so avoid succumbing to weather’s wrath by shampooing and conditioning daily with TRESemme Climate Control Shampoo and Conditioner. Keeping hair soft, moisturized and sleek, hair will be harder to frizz or get unnecessarily big (or again, static-y come later fall and winter) since you’ll be less prone to split ends. TRESemme also offers a line of Split End Repair products if you’re really worried about reversing hair damage, or even want to embrace preventative measures.

4. Redken Glass 01 Smoothing Serum
To be used on wet or dry hair, you can tame frizz before you walk out the door by topping styled hair with a few drops of the salon brand’s serum. Oil-free and lightweight (so you don’t have to worry about a greasy look), Glass 01 also works to keep hair shiny and full of moisture, and it also doesn’t build up on hair, so you won’t have unnecessarily coated strands. The bottle boasts dispensing control so if you’re anything like we are (or more particularly me), you won’t apply two or three day’s worth in a single go. Genius.

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    • March 18, 2017

    Pro Naturals makes the best in my opinion 🙂

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