Sh*t My Boyfriend Says

Don’t get us wrong, we love our men, but sometimes they just say the darndest things that make us wonder…what on earth goes on in their minds?

We spoke with a few ladies who were willing to share the funniest/craziest/weirdest things their men have ever said:

“My boyfriend came over, saw a picture of me and my friends from a few years ago and said, ‘Wow, you were really in your prime then.” – Melanie

“You look SO hot carrying that pizza” “ Adriana

Recently when I was sick, my husband said, ˜Hey Baby, how’s about we make your flu a Sexually Transmitted Disease?’ – Rachel

“I’d come by to see you, but I don’t have any gas money” – Sarah

When you get angry, you have the cutest little lines in your forehead. – Jenn

‘I felt like I was sharing the space’ “ my boyfriend after we tried a couples’ vibrator for the first time. – Rachel

You’re not fat, I’m just really skinny. “ Karlie

Have you ever tried masturbating with a tampon? “ Nicole

My testicles are tingling. Someone must be thinking of me. “ Laura

Your skinny jeans look better on me. “ Julie

Their washroom smells so good, is their sh*t heavenly or something? – Kait

“If we ever move in together, we’re gonna have to buy a really comfy couch because I’ll be sleeping on it quite a bit” – Jessica

“Your belly makes the comfiest pillow.” – Chloe

“One guy I was dating told me, ‘Wow, it’s such a relief to know that you’re still attractive without makeup!’ I was wearing makeup.” – Diana

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*Names have been changed

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