How to Say You Are Sorry

No one is perfect. This is how we comfort ourselves when we try to accept our faults and forget our regrets. We all make mistakes and find ourselves in situations where we have hurt someone we love, whether we meant to or not. But, losing a friend or a boyfriend because of a lousy decision is not worth it. Learning to say you are sorry and mean it is important in maintaining relationships and healing wounds. Don’t sulk and let the people close to you walk away, instead follow these tips to regain their love and trust.

Be Honest
The truth can hurt, but the courage it takes to tell the truth is something worth respecting. It is likely that the person you hurt will understand your motive and reasoning by telling them honestly how you came about making the poor choice. Explaining yourself and the process of your decision making helps others put themselves in your shoes, asking if they would have done the same thing. And telling the truth builds trust, no matter how ugly the truth may be. Talking things out and communicating openly with each other will bring you closer together and help you overcome this bump in the road.

Make a Promise
Your word may mean little to the person you have hurt but making a promise to be different or to never make the same mistake again is assurance that your loved one can trust you. It also shows that you regret what happened and are willing to accept the consequences. Sincerity is important when making a promise; don’t lie if it is something you can’t live up to. Learning from mistakes is what life is about. Once you have gone down the wrong road, next time you arrive at the same place you will know to take a detour.

Accept the Consequences
Don’t simply think you can get away with a quick apology; your loved one has more in store for you. Whether it is ignoring you or some form of revenge. Understand that wilfully accepting the consequences shows that you are indeed regretful and sorry. If they see that you genuinely feel terrible, forgiveness will come quickly and all will be resolved.

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