Tired Of Dating Small Talk?

Got nerves over your first date? Sometimes it is difficult if not impossible to relax before you go out on that all important first date. Fears can be justified because you are going out into the unknown, sitting down with someone you like and beginning to connect with them. There are ways to succeed in dating, here are a few tips to help calm the jitters when going on a first date.

Be A Good Listener
There is nothing that shows you care to another person more than being a good listener. When someone else listens to what you really have to say you feel validated. Asking the person about themselves and what they like to do will help keep things light. Avoid conversations about past relationships or specific dislikes about dating and life, talking about serious topics may be too much for a first date. Get to know each other and have fun during your first date.

Your Date May Be Nervous Too
There is a good chance your date is as nervous as you are. A smile, a relaxed, friendly attitude can go a long way to the both of you getting to know each other. Worrying about how you look and what to do next may increase your nerves. Take time to ask questions about your date and listen, it will help you relax and help your date relax too. Keep your expectations realistic and remember this is a first date so take it easy on yourself and your date.

Be Yourself
As much as you may be concerned about your date liking you, be yourself. You don’t want to take this opportunity to reveal every secret about yourself but you can share your sense of humor, information about your hobbies, your favorite music and places you like to go. The real you is who you are, aside from from intial first date fears and concerns. 

Remember You Are Special
There is no one else quite like you in the world. Everyone is an individual and when it comes to dating you should remember how special you are. If the date seems like it is not working out try not to feel bad about it. Remember you are individuals with different lives and you just didn’t hit it off. If your first date does take off enjoy the time spent with your date and look forward to the possibility of the next date you enjoy together.

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