6 Signs His Reputation is True

Dating a dude with a bad rap? When it comes to love, what other people are saying doesn’t matter. But if you’re wondering, even just a little, if he’s pretending to be something he’s not, that means you don’t fully trust him. If you want to know if he’s trouble, here are some warning signs to be aware of.

Your best friend hates him.
Don’t just brush her off if your bestie expresses her disproval. Ask her why she feels that way. If you and your friend know each other well, trust each other with your lives, and have been together through thick and thin, chances are she has your best interests at heart. Unless she’s jealous (in which case, she’s not a great friend anyway), she probably says it because she doesn’t think he’s worthy of your time. 

He acts completely different around you than he does with his friends.
If he’s chivalrous and positive around you, but you feel like you don’t even know this guy when he’s around his bros, it’s not just because he has an amazingly adaptable personality. It’s because he’s putting on a persona. 

He talks about people behind their backs.
The one tried and true sign of a phony. If he’s saying one thing to someone’s face but another behind their back, he’s probably doing the exact same thing to you. 

He talks himself up.
If he tells you all about the good deeds he’s into/compares himself to other people who he’s better than, he’s totally trying to prove something. It’s not real. 

He gets caught up in lies.
Has he lied to you before? He’s probably not going to stop trying to get away with things anytime soon. He’s got an agenda. 

The relationship only works for him.
If you only ever see him under his terms, or do what he wants, when he wants, he’s probably not too concerned with your needs. If you give him an ultimatum, he’ll probably tell you one thing but keep doing what he’s doing. You’ll be the one who has to jet. And you deserve more than a relationship that’s a one way street. 

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