Why You Need to Drink More Water

Everyone knows that it’s important to drink water. But, have you ever tried actually drinking two litres of water a day? It’s hard to choose a glass of tapwater over your afternoon coffee, and just as hard to remember to refill that bottle. The health benefits of drinking more water are worth the extra trips to the ladies room.

Everything in our bodies relies on water. Here are three reasons why you should drink more water, and three tips on how to do it.

1. Water boosts your energy
Did you know your brain is mostly water? By drinking more water you’re actually able to think and focus better, and be more alert. Plus, a little extra water will boost your energy, so you actually can skip the second latte.

2. Water flushes out the toxins
Since every system in your body depends on water to function, water flushes the toxins out of your vital organs. Water also carries nutrients to our cells throughout the body.

3. Water promotes weight-loss
Imagine all of the calories you would skip by replacing all the sodas, sugary juices and Starbucks drinks with water (there are 140 calories in a can of Coca-cola). On top of that, when you fill up on water you’re less likely to snack and will eat less at meal times.

Now you know why you need more water in your life, but how will you remember to drink it. The average intake of water for a woman is 2.2 litres (or nine cups) a day. Here are a few ways to remind yourself to take a sip.

1. Use a reminder app
There are so may apps out there for your phone, it isn’t hard to find one to remind you to drink more water. “Waterlogged, specifically for iPhones, will remind you to drink water and if for some reason you forget to drink water, then the gadget will remind you about it. Or set a remind on your computer when you’re at the office. Google desktop has a great water reminder tool you can use when you’re at work.

2. Use a sticky note
If apps aren’t your thing, go the old-fashioned route with a sticky note. Leave one on your desk, computer, coffee mug, etc. and you will be reminded to drink up.

3. Add a little flavour
If you just can’t get behind drinking water because it’s flavourless, add something. A wedge of lemon, slice of cucumber or a few frozen berries will make your water taste a little bit more like the juice you’re used to.



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