High Protein Diet – How to Get that Bikini Booty Fast!

Everyone knows the key to keeping a tight figure is diet & exercise. Most women think otherwise and starve themselves picking at leaves of lettuce throughout the day (guilty!) But here is where it stops. I’m going to tell you some high-protein foods which are SURE to shed those lbs and quick, if you stick to this you will be shedding down to your bikini bottoms in no time.

Eggs! Eggs are very high in protein and you can make them any way you choose scrambled, over-easy, poached, or even into an omelet. Omelets are great in the morning because you can throw in some shredded cheese or veggies for added flavour.

Snacking in between meals doesnt have to leave you feeling guilty, you just have to know what are the right snacks to eat. if you enjoy cookies or chocolate bars there are ways that you can sneak this in without having to regret the decision later. I often like to snack on cereal bars, Special K bars are delicious and come in several varieties such as mocha, strawberry and yes, chocolate just to name a few. Another great company is Lifestyle which provides delicious cookies and treats all satisfying and good for you! If you are really desiring something naughty go for dark chocolate or a light vanilla ice cream these are okay in small doses.

Soup. Soup is very rich and hearty in texture and leaves you with a full feeling there are so many flavours and even your favourite restaurants will always offer a soup of the day for lunch, it is enjoyable with a salad on the side.

2nd Snack
Here is where you sneak in your fruits and/or veggies whichever you prefer get them in, mix them up. Fruit parfaits are so delicious in the summertime just as they are year round, salad doesn’t always have to be boring it can actually be quite tasteful which just the right amount of ingredients find out your favourites and start your path to a healthier life.

Fish and Poultry are the best to stick to in the meat department, red meat is more likely to cause you health problems.. so chicken, turkey, salmon etc. Find out what you like and include it into a meal. If you follow a recipe make sure you take everything into consideration such as how much fat, calories, protein and vitamins you are getting. Vitamins are important always take a multivitamin everyday with your meal! If you are unsure of how much you are consuming consult with a health professional.

Juice – Take a nice tall glass of juice and get that vitamin C. *Also if you are looking for a meal replacement for breakfast, lunch or dinner consider a protein shake, which are very high in protein and keep you energized throughout the day.

Alcohol – If you have to indulge, try to keep your drinking to a minimum. White wine is the best alcoholic drink to have if you are trying to watch your weight, try to only have 1-2 glasses if you are out or a glass with dinner per day.

Excercise Routine 
Cardio burns carbs, calculate how much you are eating in a day. To stay fit you must burn what you eat, keep this in mind as you workout. 1 donut may equal 1 hr on the treadmill so think to yourself “is it really worth it?”.

Classes – Check out your local fitness centres, there are so many classes from hot yoga, to kickboxing and so on and so forth.. you are bound to find something you enjoy as well as somewhere where you can meet new people and really socialize with a group that will keep you motivated!

Good luck and Good health to you all!

*Try to keep salt and sugars to a minimum or go with artificial

** This diet doesn’t have to be followed EXACT just remember to always check the label before you buy 🙂


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