5 Less-Basic Alternatives to the PSL

I have no patience for this pumpkin spiced latte craze anymore. It’s been YEARS, you guys. If you post a photo of one, then I will unfollow you. If you’re craving one, then keep that complaint to yourself. If they are what you’ve been looking forward to the most this season, then I highly suggest that you re-evaluate your priorities and probably your outlook on life, too.

Here are some ways to get the weird pumpkin craving out of your system, without succumbing to ordering that you-know-what at you-know-where:

– Eat a slice of pumpkin pie!

– Smell a pumpkin scented candle!

– Go to a freaking pumpkin patch!

– Inject pumpkin into your veins!

But on a more helpful note, here are five alternatives to your favourite seasonal beverage that’ll knock your double-layered socks off. You’re welcome in advance.

If you’re insistent on getting that Starbucks kick: Give an espresso con panna (espresso shot with whipped cream), caramelized honey latte or even the seasonal chile mocha hot chocolate a chance instead. They’re just as good as the PSL and deserve some love, too. You can always buy dried pumpkin powder in bulk and add it to your coffee at home. Just an FYI.

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Matcha latte 

If you’re slaving for the ‘gram, then gram this instead. The rich, green colour is unique and looks great in a photo. Also, can we just take a moment and appreciate all the health benefits of matcha? It’s high in antioxidants, magically burns calories away, detoxifies the body and even helps to strengthen your immune system. Pretty sure that PSLs do squat to keep you from catching a cold¦ just saying. TO MAKE: Bring 3/4 cup unsweetened milk of your choice to a simmer in small pot on stovetop. Boil 1/4 cup water. Add 1 tsp matcha powder to mug. Slowly pour in boiling water, then the milk. Tip the cup slightly to create foam, sweeten with sugar and enjoy.

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