How to Cure the Post-Summer Blues

Okay, so summer isn’t actually technically over yet, but, let’s face it, after the Labour Day long weekend, everyone goes straight into fall reset mode and that’s the end of that. But for those of us that crave an eternal summer, what do we do? Those of us that start experiencing seasonal affective disorder before the first flake of snow falls, HOW DO WE EVEN DEAL? As someone who’s been chasing the sunlight for the last 28 years, I have some ideas.

Remind yourself it’s summer for three more weeks

Let’s start simple. Fall doesn’t officially start until September 21, so until then, just act like it’s still summer, BECAUSE IT IS. The weather usually cooperates at least for a few weeks and since your argument is foolproof (facts are facts), no one will question why you’re still wearing all of your summer dresses and rompers well into the month.

Book a trip, immediately

What better way to get yourself through the longest, darkest time of year than to have somewhere sunny to jet off to. Bonus points for booking before the prices surge when everyone in Canada realizes what a cold and desolate country we live in. Like, beyond The Wall was clearly inspired by our winters.

Try embracing fall and winter

When we actually get fall weather, it really isn’t so bad. And winter can be really pretty until about mid-January, but if you make this your year to embrace winter activities, you might find a different kind of appreciation for this awesome country of ours. And if not, just hibernate like the bears do. They seem pretty content.

Say “fuck it” and move somewhere hot

Every time I tell someone how much I love summer, they always ask why I don’t move somewhere warmer full-time. I have several reasons that compel me to stay here, but not everyone does. If you’ve been looking for an opportunity to work somewhere that doesn’t snow eight months out of the year, why not give it a shot?

Buy yourself something pretty

It’s called retail therapy for a reason. If you’re a child trapped in a young woman’s body and need positive reinforcement and treats to get through, then screw it, buy yourself something nice to help get you through the next weather transition. (But might we suggest something you can wear in the fall?)

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