Bounce Back from a Broken Heart

Not that any of us like to be referred to as a statistic, but everyone knows that a majority of breakups happen either before or during the holiday season. And yes, we know it is terrible and that the heartbreak is absolutely horrible and that there is nothing lonelier than being alone at the holidays. But we’re here to help. We’re here to tell you it will get better. And how do we know? Because we’ve all been there. And here’s what we know about how to bounce back from a broken heart.

Laugh and cry

Yes, it sounds a little bipolar, but it will happen. One minute you will be laughing your little broken heart out and then next minute you will be bursting into uncontrollable sobs. This. Is. Normal. It might not seem like it, but your emotions are in a jumble right now. This is all part of the healing process. You need to enjoy the laughter as much as you need to cry out the tears. Embrace it, you heart will thank you for it later.

Let yourself be lonely

Sometimes we use our feelings of loneliness to guide us into the wrong types of relationships “ the ones with the bad men, the ones that happen too soon, the one-night stands, and inappropriate affairs, they all fall under this umbrella. In our generation of online daters, the solution to loneliness is just far too accessible. Don’t fall into the trap. Let yourself be lonely. You need to be.

Learn to love yourself again

You don’t need anyone else to make you happy. Believe us. Contrary to the unhappiness you feel right now, no one else is going to turn that frown upside down but you. You only need you. Remind yourself of this every single day. Make a mental list of all the reasons you are amazing and fabulous and wonderful. Recite them to yourself each morning. Learn to love yourself again.

Surround yourself with love

There is nothing more powerful in the ways of mending the heart, then to surround yourself with those who love you completely and utterly and unconditionally. Know who these people are, keep them close, spend as much time with them as possible. And soak in the love.

Keep yourself open to love again

You know those people who tell you that love often finds you when you least expect it? Make sure, that while you are mending your heart, you don’t close yourself off too tightly that the perfect person might not be able to break through. No, you might not be ready to be with that person right now, but who knows what the future may hold, right? 

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