7 Things to Do with Dad this Father’s Day

He’s been the number one guy in your life since day one and while we should be celebrating him year round, your dad has got one day of the year that is completely devoted to him…so how do you help him make the most of it? Like this…

Get Outside

Grab a bike, a boat, or even just a pair of plain old runners and head out into the great outdoors with your pops. A little exercise and some fresh air, combined with all the worldly-wisdom your dad has to offer will make this a perfect fathers day treat (plus is gets him out of your mom’s hair for a few!)

Cook, Eat, Be Merry

Hit up the grocery store and buy all the makings of that meal your dad always makes that you love to share…and then get him to teach you how to cook it. He can reveal in the joy of showing you the ropes and you get to reveal in spending time with your old man. Plus you get to eat it in the end. Win-win.

Hit the Ferris Wheel

Re-live those early childhood memories by heading to the fair or an amusement park with your dad. People watch, laugh til your stomach hurts, and go on the scariest ride at the place. Person who screams the loudest has to buy the cotton candy.

Curl Up on the Couch

Buttered popcorn, a classic flick, and a big cozy couch. Sometimes you don’t have to say anything at all, just being in each other’s presence is exactly what dad (and you!) needs.

Go Fishing

No, we’re not talking Plenty of Fish-ing here…we’re talking the real deal, hook-line-sinker kind of stuff. It won’t even matter if you’ve never done it before or if you don’t catch anything all day, we guarantee that dad will just love that you tried.

Show Him Off

You know that fancy restaurant in town that he thinks is too over-priced but you know he’s secretly dying to try? Dress him up, take him out, and spoil him rotten. You’d do it for mom, not it’s time to do it for him too.

Build Something

If your dad is a hands-on kind of man, there is nothing better than . Whether it be woodwork or garden work, building something with your dad is great exercising, great bonding, and will produce memories (and something more tangible) that you’ll remember for a lifetime.

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