The Evolution of Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik

I can’t pinpoint exactly when my obsession with Gigi Hadid started. I remember following her on Instagram in the early days when it was just me, Gigi, and a small, close-knit community of 200,000 other fans. She was just a young fledging trying to find her way in the world, whilst boxing at Gotham gym, dating Cody Simpson, and flying to Paris every other weekend (#same). Now all of a sudden she has 17.4 million followers and I feel like we never see each other anymore. Gigi’s photos have become vague and mysterious innuendoes as to who she is dating or hanging out with. You can only imagine my surprise as I was forced to learn about her relationship with Zayn through an uncaptioned photo of him holding her cat on his shirtless chest. She didn’t even have the courtesy to put his face in it, I just had to assume it was him based off his conspicuous amount of body tattoos.


photo via @gigihadid

But because Gigi Hadid can do no wrong, we’re simply going to have to learn to live with the mystery she shrouds over her relationships. Although it would make my life so much easier if she just agreed to send me regular updates on her romantic life and workout schedule like I asked, I’ve gone ahead and done some personal digging into the origins of Gigi and Zayn. Unfortunately, the private couple’s history looks more like a string of puzzle pieces than a clear cut timeline, so were going to have to fill in some blanks. But don’t worry, if there was ever a resident authority on the history of Gigi and Zayn Malik’s relationship, you can rest assured its me.

Lets take a gander down memory lane to August 2015. Zayn Malik calls off his engagement to Little Mix a British pop singer. The stage is set.

Three months later in November, Hadid breaks up with Joe Jonas, Taylor Swifts former flame.

But wait, later that month Gigi is spotted with Zayn leaving Justin Bieber’s American Music Awards after party in LA.


photo via PopSugar

Its November 26th and the maelstrom of mysterious social media posts is about to commence. Zayn posts a picture of himself on twitter wearing Gigi Hadid’s glasses.


photo via Zain Malik Twitter

January 11th, Zayn’s Birthday. Hadid posts an Instagram picture captioned Zday <3, with Zayn’s head cut off by the frame because she is hashtag myseterious and super low key.


photo via @gigihadid

January 24th, the Pillowtalk video is released. Gigi and Zayn are making out. The graphics are really weird and disturbing but still so sexy.


February, Zayn is officially tricked into calling Gigi his girlfriend in a radio interview. We’re live people we’re live.

A superstar couple is born which obviously means they need to grace Vogue in a 6 page spread which captures them frolicking around Naples.


photo via Vogue

After months of being photographed together, posting adorable pictures on twitter, snapchat, Instagram, and probably any other social media site you can think of, the couple makes their first appearance on a red carpet together at the Met Gala. I’ve clearly demonstrated a strong bias, but even vogue calls them the best looking couple of the night.




photo via Getty Images

Even though we hope Gigi and Zayn will live happily ever after, we would like to formally request that should their romance ever end she save us the pain of looking through TMZ for hours and make a public announcement or something.

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