How to Deal with a Bridezilla

Agreeing to be in a wedding is often a larger task than one would expect, especially when dealing with a bridezilla. There is so much to be planned, organized, and decorated, that if one thing goes awry, the bride may not be on her best behaviour. Now, this, of course, isn’t the case for every bride. There are those who are organized and willing to go with the flow. BUT, for every just-do-what-you-think-is-best bride, there are three times as many who will have a panic attack at the sight of a drooping flower arrangement. So how does one deal with these bridezillas? Yes, it is technically their day, but that doesn’t mean they have the right to walk all over the people helping put that special day together. The next time a bridezilla lowers her fangs, follow these simple steps to help calm the beast.

1) Keep the bride happy.
Chances are that years to come she won’t remember how bossy or difficult she was being; she will only remember the bridesmaid who bought the wrong color of napkins. The key is to keep her happy, not to wait on her hand and foot. Details (like a wrong color of napkin) should be handled and solved without the involvement of the bride. If it will upset her, chances are she doesn’t really need to know about it. Unless it’s an emergency, remind her how beautiful she is and take care of the matter yourself. After all, if you’re asked to be in the wedding, it’s because she trusts your judgement.

2) Bite your tongue.
If she insults an unflattering outfit, if she questions preparedness, if she gets angry at the preacher for walking down the aisle with change in his pocket, mum is the word. Perhaps an encouraging no one noticed because the decorations were breathtaking, but it is important to shy away from negativity. No matter how rude, controlling, or flat out unpleasant a bride may be, remember that somewhere in that angry version of her is your friend.Think of it this way: if she’s insulted, she’ll be even more upset!

3) Be firm.
There is a difference between being nice and being a push over. Just because it’s her big day doesn’t mean a bride has servants for a day. Plus, waiting on a bridezilla hand and foot will only encourage her behavior. If she asks for something, fine. But don’t forget to remind her (nicely) that a please and thank you would be appreciated. Chances are she is only stressed out and doesn’t realize the effects her bride-a-tude is causing. Hopefully, with all of these tactics, bridezillas everywhere will keep not only themselves happy, but their wedding parties as well.

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