Spoil Yourself With A Fashion Make-Over

Tired of the same old-fashioned look?

Some clothing never goes out of style, but chances are your wardrobe needs a good revamp just like you do. Divide your clothing into seasons and take a good look at what you have in place, what you need, and what you may be missing to create new outfits. Keep classic clothing items and tried and true fashion pairings you know you can’t live without. Check over your stack of jeans and see what still looks good and what is out of fashion. Jackets, shoes, belts, and purses can liven up your regular outfits and make them like new again.

Makeup Counters Are Your Friend
If you are wearing the same eye shadows from ten years ago and haven’t changed your makeup in years, visit a makeup counter at a high-end clothing store or makeup store. Some high-end makeup or clothing stores have staff manning the cosmetic counter and are ready to give you a complete makeup makeover. Ask questions, get tips, receive makeup instructions, then when you finish with your free makeup session purchase your favorite makeup items from the store so you can re-create the same makeup look at home.

Purchase Select Fashion Pieces
Classic jackets, slacks, shoes, and belts in neutral tones are one way to build onto your current wardrobe. A little black dress is essential for all sorts of occasions. Slacks in neutral or dark colors are needed for work or dressier events. If you can’t afford a big clothing expenditure, treat yourself to one or two key items. Think carefully about what you currently have in terms of outfits and how this new piece will work with what you already have. Check the sales racks at your favorite clothing stores at the end of each season to scoop up on discounted items. Plan out your needs for your wardrobe and add piece by piece over time.

Revamp Your Wardrobe With Accessories
It is possible to change the look of your wardrobe simply by adding new accessories. Jewelry, hats, belts, scarves, purses, and shoes can change the look of an outfit immediately. Since you have a good idea of your seasonal clothing, imagine adding color, texture, height, patterns, and more to your current wardrobe. Prior to shopping keep in mind a few specific outfits you think need an overhaul, then start looking for accessories that will brighten and freshen the original outfit.

A Refreshed Wardrobe, A Refreshed You
After your makeup makeover, clothing items and new accessories are purchased, create your new look with makeup and clothing, and see how you feel. Just a few new items will make you appreciate your new outfit looks and remember the fun you had creating them. The fun factor of shopping for a new you will add a bounce in your step when you reveal your new fashion sense to the world.

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