Get in Shape (Without Hitting the Gym)

So you made your New Year’s resolution to hit the gym and get in shape, but it seems that soon enough a little something got in the way: life. How are you supposed to get up and to the gym when your bed is warmly embracing you? When you’re exhausted from a long day at work? When Sex and the City reruns are beckoning? Worry not — you can still get in shape this season without having to deal with all the complicated equipment or feeling like it’s a chore. It’s time to switch up your exercise style and go for something fun that you can truly enjoy!

Get natural
Sure, the gym may come equipped with TV’s and fans, but a scenic jog is a great way to get outdoors and in shape. Bring your iPod, soak up the sun and enjoy nature! Even if you’re not much of a runner, a light jog or brisk walk is still a great way to get some exercise.

Break the cycle
Another way to get outside of the house is to go for a bike ride. Check out your local nature trails or just go for a ride around your neighborhood. Either way, you’ll get your legs moving and work on your balance (not to mention bring back some fun childhood memories).

Go swimming
Have a personal or local pool accessible? Swimming laps and treading water is not only great for your muscles, but it’s also a lot more refreshing than some other forms of exercise. So load up on the SPF “ you may enjoy your ten laps a lot more than you think!

Find your center
Yoga is an excellent way to work on flexibility, balance and endurance. Grab some friends and meet once or twice a week to do yoga in the living room. There are tons of yoga DVDs you can buy that take you through sessions of all lengths and types. Know your routine by heart? Take it outside into the open air! The sun will relax you and help you feel more centered.

Shake it!
Sign up for a dance class or invest in a game such as Dance Dance Revolution® or Dance Centralâ„¢. Either option will get you pumped up and moving, and you’ll have a ton of fun (just don’t take yourself too seriously “ the point is to get in shape, not be the best dancer around!)

Just remember one thing: no matter what you’re doing to get in shape, make sure you enjoy it, and keep trying new things. You never know what miracle discovery you’ll make that gets you toned and fit in no time!

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