Take a Weekend Getaway Out of Toronto With GO Transit

You made it! It’s summer in Toronto, and you’ve hit up every patio in the downtown core, plus stuffed your face full of brunch every weekend since May 2-4. You’re probably yearning for something more. Maybe somewhere not as hot (perhaps a micro-climate, perfect for growing grapes for wine?) and without a constant vague garbage smell?

Enter GO Transit. Their summer service is in full swing, and is here for you. Take it north to the blissfully uncrowded beaches in Barrie, or to Niagara-on-the-Lake. We went with that one because: wine.

Here are the 5 best reasons to escape the city and getaway to Niagara-on-the-Lake with GO this summer.

1. The wine

Wine Tasting at Iniskillin Winery

It kind of goes without saying, but you will get to try a lot of different wines and get kind of day drunk in the best way possible. You’ll also learn some wine facts to impress people at your next dinner party. Here’s one to get you started: in the colder months, Jackson-Triggs winery hires helicopters to fly over their vineyards to push the warm air downwards (because heat rises) so their grapes don’t freeze. Crazy!

2. The journey

Niagara-on-the-Lake bicyclles

GO Transit makes easy to arrange your own personal cycling tour through beautiful wine country. With two dedicated train cars, you can stow your bike until your stop. When you arrive in NOTL, you can spend a fun and romantic day exploring the region by bicycle.

3. The view

Iniskillin Winery

How gorgeous is this slice of heaven at Iniskillin? You will feel like you’re on another planet, or at least in another country. You will totally forget that Toronto is a mere two hour train ride away and you’ll probably consider moving here or at least convincing your parents to so you can visit them every weekend.

4. The food

Chicken thigh and fiddleheads

Not only is the climate in NOTL amazing for growing wine grapes, it’s also ideal for produce. Most of the restaurants you’ll want to visit use locally sourced, seasonal ingredients to complement the local wine. And when good wine is paired with good food, something magical happens.

5. The ride

go train window

After a full day of biking, eating, and drinking, you are going to be SO happy you aren’t driving home. Hop back on the surprisingly comfy GO train and check out the view, read a good book or take a well-deserved nap.

Convinced? Check out the GO Transit summer schedule here to make the most of your summer weekends!


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