Pippa Middleton is Single; Breaks Up With Long-Term Boyfriend

It’s official: the most popular little sister in England is officially back on the market, amidst rumours of recent hangouts wit none other than Prince Harry. GASP.

(We’ll give you a minute to compose yourself. It’s understandable if you’re totally psyched.)

Naturally, nothing is confirmed. And of course, the two were only spotted at a pub last month, which – quelle surprise – has been more than enough proof needed for gossip bloggers to take to their laptops and declare them the western world’s greatest item. (Nevermind Prince Harry’s girlfriend Chelsea, after all.)

So here’s what we do know: according to everyone and their mother, the 27-year-old Middleton has (reportedly) split from boyfriend Alex Loudon, the investment banker and “former cricketer” who accompanied Pipa to her sister’s nuptials just a few months back. However, the breakup allegedly stems from the two “moving in different circles” following the it-girl status currently placed atop Ms. Middleton’s head.

But Harry’s not her only [hopeful] beau: according to reports, Pipa’s been spotted with her former college boyfriend, George Percy, a “fabulously wealthy” gentleman who also the son of the Duke of Northumberland. (Behold 2011’s answer to The Tudors.) 

Thus, only time will tell. But if the frenzy revolving around Kate and Wills’ recent marriage is any inclination, nobody’s going to be happy until Pipa and Harry are recreating the moment for themselves. (Or maybe that’s just me.)

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