Cozy Fall Date Ideas

With the colder weather around the corner, fall is a great time to cozy-up to your partner during some memorable seasonal dates. Put on your comfiest (or most fashionable) sweater and give yourself as many excuses as possible for getting close to your man. From playing in the leaves to huddling together sipping hot cocoa, these dates will have you ready for some fall loving. 

Fall into fall
The leaves are changing colour, and will soon cover the landscape in beautiful reds and yellows. If you are in the city, go for a drive into the country and take in the beautiful colours of fall. Find a park or forested area and get silly together while throwing leaves around. Do like you did when you were kids and make a pile of leaves to fall into. The added advantage of doing this as a grown-up? Possible frisking may ensue when you two get close!

Enjoy the harvest
Farmers markets are not just for the summer; the fall harvest is ready for you to enjoy. Get up early on a Saturday with your guy and head down to your local market. Apples, carrots and squash are among the many fruits and vegetables you will find fresh and ready. Have some fun with choosing your fruits and vegetables, and plan what you are going to make with them. Take advantage of this time to stroll hand-in-hand and support help the environment by supporting local farmers.

Go costume shopping
It is never too early to start getting ready for Halloween. Research a few funky costume stores in your area and make a date of it. Your man will be drooling as you try on one sexy costumes after another. Let loose, have fun together, and even come up with some inspiration for a couples costume.

Visit the pumpkin patch
Half the fun of carving your pumpkin, is picking the perfect one first. Make a day trip to a local pumpkin patch and enjoy the fun of the season. Jump on a hayride while you are there, and sip some hot cider to stay warm. Once you have your pumpkin, get creative together to carve your pumpkins. This could even be turned into an October tradition for the two of you.

Cuddle together on the porch
There is no better excuse for getting close than sharing a blanket on a cool fall night. Set the mood with some candles and get your warmest blanket to share. Look up at the stars and enjoy each others company (and lips!) while sharing body heat. This simple date idea is sure to turn up the heat, even when the temperature is cold outside.

Attend a high school sporting event
Not only is this a cheap and close-to-home date idea, but it will make you feel like young lovers again. Grab a blanket or two, some refreshments and attend a game at the local high school. It is not the most intimate date, but will remind you of being a teenager again and could spark some interesting events later in the night at home!



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