Fall 2011 Fashion Trend: Go West

Maybe it was inspired by the remake of True Grit, or maybe it’s something of its own kind, but western-wear is back with a vengeance. It started as a spring trend, but the rich colours and fabrics are really more suited for fall. So saddle up and get ready to learn everything you need to know to pull off this trend.

Warm tones
When you think of the old west, you probably think of rich burgundy and warm neutral tones. The colours in this trend will make you feel like you’re in the fiery desert, keeping you warm this fall. When looking for colour inspiration for this trend, look to the deep rich hues of Proenza Schouler fall 2011 RTW, or the light subtle hues of Rodarte fall 2011 RTW. You can still mix in some brighter accent colours, but keep in mind this might not be the place for neons (though they do have their place).

Navajo print
Print is a very important aspect to the overall western feel. Once again, allow Proenza Schouler fall 2011 RTW to demonstrate the perfect Navajo print on which to base your western-inspired. This pattern of angular triangles and dusty colours originates from the Najavo people of native southwestern America and there is nothing like this particular print to draw up western images. It is a must for your fall 2011 wardrobe. 

Embellished collars
Prominent shirt collars are another crucial feature for any western-inspired outfit. Rodarte made good use of oversized collars in their fall 2011 RTW collection. But it’s the decorative embellishments on the tips of the collars from Balenciaga spring 2011 that truly encapsulate the whole western feel. This exact style might be difficult to find in your local shopping mall, but if you are crafty you can recreate this look. Do you remember where you put that old Bedazzler?

Mixing fabric textures
Picture a cowboy. Now without getting distracted by his rugged good looks and manliness, think of all the different fabrics he might be wearing; denim, leather, cotton, suede. Back to reality, the point of this exercise was not to remind you of your cowboy fetish, but rather to teach you that mixing fabrics and textures is important for this trend. Take a page out of Anna Sui’s book; mix denim, leather, chiffon and crochet. Get creative and don’t worry about looking too busy. 

And last but not least, fine-tune your western ensemble by paying attention to details and accessories. Belts are very important. If you are wearing a low-rise pant with a Najavo button-up tucked in, finish it off with a leather belt and striking buckle (a la Ralph Lauren fall 2011 RTW). Or create that hourglass shape by synching your dress at the waist or hip, as seen so beautifully in Proenza Schouler pre-fall 2011. Then add a sturdy pair of boots and a rustic leather bag, and you are all set to ride into the desert sunset.


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