Up In Smoke – How to Do Smoky Eyes With Colour

What you need:

1. black or charcoal eye-liner pencil

2. shimmery purple or green eye shadow

3. smudge brush

4. eye shadow brush

5. mascara

Getting the ultimate eye can be easier than you think. Smoky eyes are still hot, and we think it looks incredible to get your smudge on with a new colour. The classic smoky eye uses a lightly shimmered grey shadow swept over the eyelid, first horizontally, and then working from the middle of the eyelid to the brow bone. To get the look in colour, swap your greys for a rich purple or palmy green (don’t forget to make sure they’re still shimmery to bring out the brightness in your eyes.) Take a black or charcoal pencil and start tracing your lash lines from the outside inwards, and remember to get the inner corner of your lower lashes.

Using a smudge brush, blend the liner on both the top and bottom. Playing around with the smudge brush will get you the look that you want; whether that means high drama by adding a little more of your shadow right above the smudge to make the transition more gradual, or leaving as is to channel your inner temptress.


1. Purples work best on green and hazel eyes, while greens look perfect on brown and blue eyed gals.

2. The skin under the eye is very thin, so use plenty of concealer to ensure that the shadow colour you chose doesn’t bring out the actual shadows under your eyes.

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