How To Attract Your Crush Based On Their Zodiac Sign

So, relationships are complex, and the zodiac doesn’t hold all the answers (wish as I might), but it can totally be a helpful guide. Knowing more about your partner’s strengths and weaknesses could mean the difference between a confident approach and not, after all. And THAT is no small part of the art of seduction. Starry-eyed peeps, get ready to make your #relationshipgoals a reality. Read on to find out how you can successfully win over any sign.

Aries (March 20 “ April 19): Impulsive Aries wastes no time making decisions and taking calculated risks, including about who to sleep with. To make an impression, be confident and match their energy levels. This air sign is passionate, intellectual and loves debate. Find out what topics get him or her going, then impress the hell out of them with your POV. Be warned: Aries is likely to act aloof when they think they’re just playing it cool, and they can be temperamental af, but deep down, they want to be wanted. 

Taurus (April 19 “ May 20): Grounded Taurus is attracted to stability in a partner. Most tend to not be into casual hookups and won’t appreciate when they’re one of many on someone’s radar. They’re actually simple to please because they desire the very basics in life — a loyal lover, good job and secure home — but won’t hesitate to hold out for the very best. Sensual Taurus is patient and persistent in their quest for romance. Prove yourself trust-worthy and independent and you’ll earn their approval.

Gemini (May 20 “ June 20): The twin sign is quick-witted and likely to have many different interests. They’re skilled at expression and love to engage with people and tell stories. To a Gemini, lighthearted banter is the very stuff of love. If you can make him or her laugh, it’s a good sign. The moment a Gemini feels pinned down though, they’ll feel anxious. They can commit, but they’re prone to second-guessing themselves. Just use your listening skills. A Gemini will always tell you what they’re thinking and feeling. 

Cancer (June 20 “ July 22): Deeply feeling, generous cancer are staunch protectors of their own hearts and anything they hold dear — namely, family. They have a strong sense of initiative, especially when it comes to helping others, but often don’t show it until they feel safe to. Make a first move with a Cancer and you’ll take the pressure off. They tend to be home bodies, so they’ll feel at home in a quiet bar, cafe, or beach locale. It takes a gentle but confident touch to soften a cancer’s tough shell.

Leo (July 22 “ August 22): Leos aren’t satisfied to play second fiddle to anyone, so you have to give them the undivided attention they demand. You could have to compete for a Leo’s reciprocated attention, though. The social lion is a friend-magnet (people are drawn to her dynamism) and when her trust is won she’s 100% loyal. The company she keeps sticks around for a reason! Leos love intellectual discussions and theatre, so invite him or her to a buzzy show and splurge on overpriced cocktails. Leos have a weakness for extravagance.

Virgo (August 22 “ September 22): Virgos are skilled organizers and they are impeccable. When it comes to winning one’s heart, no sloppy effort will do. Match their attention to detail in day-to-day matters (everything from your communication to your self-presentation), and you’ll have their attention. Virgos have an old-fashioned streak and they tend to be bookish. Ask about their book or podcast recommendations and you’ll get them talking. 

Libra (September 22 “ October 23): Libra’s ruling planet is Venus, the planet of all things beauty and luxury. Hence, appearance is no small trifle for this sign — they’re fascinated by balance and symmetry. Aside from looking your best, let your inner beauty show. Libras appreciate art, music, poetry and good food as much as they are devoted to basic human rights for all. Graceful Libra are etiquette pros when it comes to socializing, so being overly-imposing in your dealings with one won’t fly. Be gentle, open-minded, and decisive to win one over. 

Scorpio (October 23 “ November 21): It could take time to break down a Scorpio’s walls, but when you do, you’ll see how lovable and loyal this sign can be. Scorpios live to experience and express a full range of emotions, so being with one is anything but boring. Few signs are as sensual and passionate — Scorpios are said to be the sexiest sign of the zodiac. Win one over with honesty, compassion and genuine listening, and never pry or judge. Nothing turns a Scorpio off faster than probing for information too soon. 

Sagittarius (November 21 “ December 21): The archer is a cabinet of curiosities who treasures all things playful, witty, and wise. They are as light-hearted as they are intensely curious. Sagittarius love surprises and travel, so win one over by whisking them away on a fanciful day trip to somewhere like a carnival or nearby beach town. Just don’t get too sentimental or take yourself too seriously.

Capricorn (December 21 “ January 19): Disciplined Capricorn are notoriously cautious in their relationships and discerning when it comes to who they trust, so approach them slowly. To prove yourself worthy of their loving attention, ensure your words match up with your actions, and it’s a bonus if you can match their ambition. Capricorns are incredibly driven in the workplace — if you can inspire a Capricorn with your boss-ness, you’ll be in their good books.

Aquarius (January 19 “ February 18): The rebel of the zodiac is rarely held back by inhibitions or rules of any kind, so if you want to seduce one, you better be able to keep up. They admire wit and a genuine drive to make the world a better place; this is their goal, too. Respect their independent spirit and above all be a good friend. Social Aquarius prides themselves on their loyalty to their chosen family.

Pisces (February 18 “ March 20): Any dishonesty in your dealings with a Pisces will put you in their bad books. Be straightforward and genuine, but aim to keep him or her wanting more — Pisces are intuitive and are likely to have a solid idea of others’ intentions, perhaps before they do. Imaginative Pisces respond to poetry, vibey music, and abstract visual art. Check out a gallery opening or take a cooking class together. Co-create something, and you’ll make a lasting memory.


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