Why It’s Fun to Be Single in the Summer

No doubt about it, summer is the best season to be single. No seasonal holidays to sit around alone feeling sorry for yourself, plenty to do, and lots of places to do it. Here are just a few things that make being single in the summer so much fun.

Vacation time. Vacation with friends or go on a singles cruise. You don’t have to worry about what your guy wants to do because there is no guy! So if you want to spend a weekend at a cottage by the shore, fly somewhere to an exotic beach, or even just relax at home and spend evenings out at places with outdoor dining, you can! Love to hike, bike, bird watch or sail? You can do all of these things on your vacation and not worry about someone who doesn’t like to do the same.

Now is the perfect time to get together with the girls. Light some candles on your patio, pick up a few bottles of wine and get together to enjoy a warm evening with your friends. Plan a barbecue, go the beach, or just load up the convertible and take a day trip somewhere. Top down, of course.

In the summer, people are just dressed for flirting. Guys in shorts with shirts that show off their biceps (or no shirt at all at the beach), girls in shorts, sandals and sundresses. Everyone is showing a little more skin and feeling flirty. Summer is made for flirting, so if you’re single and looking for singles fun, get out there and flirt.

Beauty time.
There’s no one to complain about how long your beauty treatments take. So sit outside, give yourself a pedicure, and read your favorite magazine while you talk on the phone. Deep condition your hair and sit in the sun to let it penetrate “ there’s no one to catch you looking so attractive or say you look silly.

And anything else.
Being single means you can be as selfish as you like, and summer is the perfect time to be selfish. Lie in the sun (sunscreen please), throw a picnic for your friends, take a trip to the beach on your own timetable, and do all the things you couldn’t do in previous relationships. Learn a new sport such as golf or join a volleyball team. Go to outdoor concerts and let the music take you. When you finally do decide you no longer want to be single, you’ll be refreshed, recharged, and ready for anything.

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