Turn Your Summer Fling into the Real Thing

Ahh, summer flings. They’re fleeting and fun and often leave you will tons of warm, fuzzy feelings that slowly fade as the weather cools. But wait, what happens if they don’t fade? What happens when (gasp!) you realize that you might want your flirty little sunshine affair to become a full-fledge four seasons of happiness? How do you possibly turn your no-strings-attached-fling into a tightly-knotted-rope-kinda-thing? Read on for the answers.

Chill Out!
The whole reason a summer fling is so awesome is because it’s relaxed, it’s casual, and because, for a majority of it, there is no pressure to do anything other than enjoy each others company. Don’t start panicking about where things are headed and what is going to happen well before you need to. There is no quicker way to end your “summer fling” before the summer is even half done then by freaking your guy out with constant melodrama’s about “what the future holds”. And never, ever, ever ask the dreaded “so, where exactly is this going question?” He’ll be gone before you even knew he was there. Plus, believe us, it might actually be your chill attitude and lack of concern about what is to come that will keep him around past September 1st.

Win Over His Boys
The summer is the season of patio drinks, live music, and street festivals. And what is the common occurrence with all of those activities? You always tend to do them with at least a few friends in tow. And chance’s are your guy does the same. So the chances that you will spend at least a few hours in the company of some of his closest guys friends is pretty high. This is your chance to impress and make yourself memorable by basically being the coolest girl they’ve ever met. Even if they are completely lame or total jerks, spend those precious hours laughing at their jokes, feeding them compliments, and acting like you think they are the most awesome guys on the planet. Making them love you will make them remember you. And if they remember you, they will bring you up to your guy when your not around. And the more he thinks about you when you are apart, the more he’ll realize he won’t be able to stand losing you come fall.

Stay Out of the Sack
Trust us, if the only heat you two experience this summer is between the sheets then your chances of lasting through to Thanksgiving are going to be pretty slim. While it might be tempting to fall into bed at every chance you get because you aren’t sure how long it will last, you need to find a balance between casual and serious in order to make this work. Bedroom Olympics can be a lot of fun, but they aren’t exactly optimal for getting to know each other on a level other than the physical. And we all know that kinda fun can wear off pretty quickly. Believe it or not, even with guys it is important to make the effort to get to know them on an emotional level (they have feelings too you know!) Opening up to him and giving him the chance to do the same, preferably not during “pillow talk”, will do wonders for extending your relationship past the bedroom and the three month mark.

Get a Little Spicy
No, no…not like that. Didn’t we just explain that in the last point?! This one is more “scent-ual” then “sensual”! It is a proven fact that one of the most common tie-ins for memory and attraction is scent. So what is one way to ensure he won’t forget about you when the cooler months roll around? Wear one signature scent all summer long…in particular, one he won’t be able to forget in the fall. And how do you do that? Wear a scent, like a cinnamon, a spicy vanilla, or a sweet pine, that will still seem light and fragrant in the summer months but holds a strong place in the apple-pie-christmas-tree-laden months that follow the summer. It will literally be impossible for him to forget about you, even if he wanted to.

Be Honest (with yourself and with him!)
When it finally comes down to crunch time (and we’re talking real, August 31st kind of crunch time), make sure you are not only honest with yourself but honest with your guy too. Sometimes it is easy to get caught up in the whirlwind romance of a summer fling. And sometimes when you carry it over into the fall and beyond, you can quickly realize that maybe the two of you didn’t really have anything in common past your love of sunday morning road trips, cottage living, and soft serve ice cream at midnight. So before you commit to anything, make sure you know exactly what it is you want, and make sure you know what it is he wants too. Because while we’re all entitled to change our minds, it is always important to remember that you both started out on this thing clearly not wanting anything serious, and while you may have changed you mind, he may not have. Or vice versa. Honesty, in the end,  is all you are going to be able to ask of each other.

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