Is He Hotter Than You?

Although it may seem superficial, the scale of hot to not is central in the world of dating. It has zero affect on whether or not a person has value or worth, but it becomes a topic of concern when one person turns more heads than another.

We are used to seeing all sorts of couples, different shapes, sizes and colors… but, hardly different scales of hotness. We are a culture that, as much as we deny it, judges the book by its cover. Although, seeing a beautiful girl with a not-so-handsome guy is more typical than the opposite scenario. People will often assume he is rich, intelligent or a romantic to have landed a girl higher up on the sexy scale.

When an average girl lands a beau with movie-star good looks and swagger to break a million hearts, what does she have that the others don’t? As women, we would love to point the finger at men and say that all they care about are looks; we spend hours at spas and the salon to prove it. But, a woman who is comfortable in her own skin can make jeans and a sweatshirt sexy to a man.

I like a girl that treats each day like an adventure rather than a chore. It can be as simple as wanting to try a new restaurant, explore a different part of the city or experience something we’ve never done before. “ Drew, 27, Toronto.

Men love a challenge and giving them something to look forward to everyday keeps them on their toes. You don’t have to go cliff diving or enrol in extreme sports, just show him that you are up for anything.

A girl who is strong-minded and independent is a huge turn on. “ Mark, 24, Ottawa.

The modern man is not afraid of a woman in control. Being decisive, determined and confident is exciting for him. It allows him to sit back and let you take the wheel.

I loved it when my girlfriend asked me if I could teach her how to kill hordes of zombies in a videogame. The fact that she showed interest and brought it up really surprised me.“ Sebastien, 23, Montreal.

Taking interest in the little things that he enjoys will really impress him. If we expect them to spend hours watching Gossip Girl and 90210, spending time doing what he loves is a perfect way into his heart.

There is nothing sexier than a girl who is comfortable in her own skin and nothing worse than a girl who resorts to making comments about others in order to feel better about herself. We all have our bad days but some people dwell on the bad side of things way too much. “ Andrew, 26, Ottawa.

Gossiping or projecting negative energy out into the world is unattractive. Men are drawn to confidence. Petty drama or jealously can turn a beautiful princess into a witch. Don’t let insecurities get the best of you, after all, hot or not, having a remarkable personality can win over the sexiest of men.

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