Christmas Gifts for Your Guy That You Can Steal Later

The holiday season is all about giving your man something that you can steal later (oh, did you think it was just about giving? Sorry, no). It’s about showing that special guy in your life just how much they mean to you by leaving them a beautifully gift-wrapped, strategic treat underneath the tree. Let’s face it, the concept of his and hers is oh-so-antiquated. Nowadays, sharing is caring. And there’s no better time to put that credo to use than when picking out a gift for your significant other this holiday season.

Of course, we’re not advocating that you go out and buy your man the latest Gucci Dionysus handbag. No no, we are talking about a more stealthy way to choose a unisex present that in a few months from now, say mid-April, you can innocently borrow. He’ll never know that you’ve been planning a five-finger discount all along. A word to the wise, though: never, under any circumstance, reveal your true scheme, as this is a tactic women should learn and use for life. Especially if you have one of those boyfriends who either a) is absolutely terrible at gift-giving — meaning you’ll never get a good present from him — or b) thinks you have a shopping problem. (NB: Your man could be all of the above, in which case, this list should be your bible.) Alas, here are six gifts to snag later. 

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Dior Homme Semi Rimless Sunglasses ($658)


These sunglasses are not only unisex, but they are universally flattering. They are the must-have shades of the season. Everybody wants Dior Mirror shades, so buy them for him now, and plan all your spring 2017 outfits with them later.

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