How NOT to Do Tinder

These days it seems like everyone and his brother (or sister for that matter) is on Tinder, the Hot-Or-Not-esque dating app that allows you to virtually “like” someone based almost solely on his or her appearance

Don’t post group pictures

It’s almost like a rule of thumb on this thing – if someone posts a whole bunch of group shots, they will always be the least attractive one of the bunch. Also, you must get sick of responding to “which one are you?” But alas, if you must, then…

Don’t post pics with your hot friends

You’re trying to ripen your odds here girl, and we get that you want dudes to know that you hang out with super awesome, gorgeous people, but straight up, if you’re friends are hotter than you, you’re selling yourself short, no matter how hot you are.

Don’t post pics of yourself as a kid

Talk to any guy who has ever come across one of these on the app and they will almost all tell you the same thing: It’s not cute, it’s creepy. Don’t be that girl who makes him feel like a weird pedophile, ok?

Don’t post pics of you with a kid

If it’s not your child and you don’t specify in BIG BOLD LETTERS that it isn’t your child you are going to do nothing but scare dudes away. Just don’t do it. Also, if it is your child (and all the power to you awesome single moms out there!), keep the babes out of it, you don’t know whose out there creeping your pics.

Don’t show your cleavage

Regardless of what you’re using this app for, whether you actually want to meet new people or your just looking for a fun Saturday night hookup, remember that everyone is on Tinder these days. There is undoubtedly going to be a coworker on there who you are not going to want to see your boobs, so just don’t do it.

Don’t message after hours

Again, this comes down to what you’re using the app for, but if you aren’t looking for an easy lay, shut this thing down before 10pm, otherwise you’re probably going to get all kinds of unwanted attention.

Don’t be a duckface

No, just don’t. Like, ever.

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