According to Him: Dating Deal-Breakers

After surveying guys, this writer found out what a lot of men consider to be relationship deal-breakers. Read on to find out what guys just won’t tolerate in a relationship.

1. Cheating
Studies have shown that more than 50% of women are likely to take a man back after not one, but two indiscretions. However, most guys aren’t quite so forgiving. Less than 10% of men will forgive a girlfriend or spouse after cheating on them one time. The vast majority of men saying cheating once is just one time too many.

2. Not Trusting Him
Guys are not fans of a lack of trust. If your man has given you a reason not to trust him, that’s one thing “ and you probably shouldn’t continue the relationship. But a guy’s pet peeve is when a woman continues to accuse him of cheating when he has never given her a reason to believe he has.

3. Being Hot and Cold
When a girl gives a guy hot and cold signs and can’t seem to make up her mind, most guys won’t stick around too long. If you’re not sure whether or not you’re into him, just be honest about it and don’t try to string him along. Going back and forth on your feelings isn’t fair to him or to you.

4. Expecting Him to Pay
Yes, we can all agree that men should pay at the very least, on the first date, just to be a good old-fashioned gentleman. However, that’s not to say we ladies should just sit there and stare at him when the bill comes, as though we expect it. Showing him that you expect him to pay says you’re a little superficial. Yes, he’ll probably pay but most guys just want you to make the gesture. In other words, at least pretend you’ll pay.

5. Telling White Lies
Lots of guys don’t appreciate being told white lies, and let’s face it, women don’t like it either. It’s frustrating to a dude if you tell a silly lie because it implies to him that you might lie about anything. Just be honest, even if what you might say could be mildly upsetting.

6. Blabbing About Your Relationship to Your Friends
Women love to share deets about their relationships with one another but keep in mind that some things should remain private. Just as you would like your privacy to be respected, so would he. Keep some things to yourself, especially if one of your pals happens to be known for not keeping secrets.

7. Talking to Your Ex
Whether you’re on good terms with your ex or not, a new guy in your life won’t really appreciate you chatting it up with someone you used to be intimate with. Keep in mind that past relationships should remain in the past, especially in you plan to move on with your future.

8. Don’t Wear Too Much Makeup
Don’t go overboard on the makeup. That’s not to say you can’t be yourself but don’t layer on extra makeup just to impress him. He just wants you to be yourself, that’s why he asked you out.

9. Posting Sexy Photos on Facebook
Revealing photos on Facebook doesn’t turn a potential prospect on. In fact, it’ll do just the opposite. Most guys don’t like the whole world seeing pictures of their girlfriend or spouse in a teeny bikini. Guys prefer a girl to be a little more modest and leave a little something to the imagination.

10. Going Through His Email or Facebook Messages
Going through your man’s personal mail implies you don’t trust him. Just because he doesn’t want to share his passwords with you, doesn’t mean he can’t be trusted. It just means he is entitled to some privacy and would like to be respected.

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