Holiday Party Dos and Don’ts

Office party season is finally here, and while we’re all gearing up to feast at the expense of our companies, there are still certain rules to abide by. So before you channel your inner Elaine Bennes or dancing Ron Swanson, consult our list of dos and don’ts to ensure that come the New Year, you won’t be ashamed to return to the workplace.

Do: Attend

First off, it can be tempting to avoid the event altogether to prevent doing anything even remotely unfortunate. But socialization is a big part of both the workplace and holiday season, so instead of thinking about scrapping the party for a cozy night in, make at least an appearance “ even if it’s just to thank your boss for a great year and score a meal you didn’t have to make at home.

Don’t: Overdrink

Yes, we know “ the office Christmas party is an event tailor-made for a hangover, but unless you want to be remembered as the girl who sang karaoke ala Bridget Jones, you may want to watch your intake to make sure you won’t have to pen an apology to the people who sign your paycheque. The only exception? Watch your fellow co-workers. If they’re letting loose alongside your boss, it’s probably fine to have that third glass of wine. But if everyone’s sipping and your taking back shots? You’ve just trumped Steve Buscemi’s best man speech in The Wedding Singer.

Do: Interact

It’s easy to sit on the sidelines and just watch the party happen “ especially if you’re paranoid about acting a certain way in front of your peers and superiors. But nothing looks worse than the stance of judgement, so if you’re not into the festivities, either tap out for the evening, or get up and bust a move. Provided you’re not the sole dancer to Def Leppard’s Pour Some Sugar On Me, you can have fun on the dance floor “ and maintain an air of dignity in the meantime. (Or at least an air of look, I know all the steps to ˜Stop’ by the Spice Girls.)

Don’t: Hook Up

So you’ve had a few drinks and the night’s going well and you start eyeing that coworker you’ve kind of been flirting with since he started last fall. Seems like the perfect night for a little something-something, right? Definitely not. Odds are things won’t turn out like Laura Linney and that guy from Love, Actually, (and maybe be grateful because that got weird) so if you’re hoping for an actual relationship with someone at the workplace, you may want to avoid the drunken holiday make out before asking them to dinner. That, and you will be water cooler fodder for at least six months.

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