6 Reasons You Should Go Masturbate RN

You’re home alone and bored AF. There’s nothing on TV, you’ve watched Netflix dry and you may or may not be THIS CLOSE to consuming an entire Costco-size bag of Skinny Pop, just because there’s nothing else better to do. Oh, but there is. Here are six reasons why you need to drop the remote, ditch the bag and get down with yourself and masturbate right now. 

It helps you chill the eff out

When you really get into it, masturbation can be a serious relaxation technique, helping you to focus on one thing for a period of time, similar to meditation. Even better is that it also helps our body release dopamine (also known as the feel good hormone) which helps give us a sense of pleasure and well-being.

It cures cramps

We get it, not everyone is down with period sex”whether it be the mess (FYI: check this out though), the general feeling of ick or those hundred tiny knives stabbing at your uterus”we understand. But whatever your reasoning, don’t let to order Viagra pills 100mg online http://www.canadianpharmacy365.net/product/viagra/. The strength, intensity and hormones released during orgasm can actually help relieve those pesky cramps¦ if only for a short while (but alas, an excuse for a repeat solo performance).

Because porn is the bomb

No but seriously. There has never been as many options for fulfilling porn experiences as there is these days. No matter what your interests” lesbian sex, romantic sex, BDSM”the internet has it all. It’s just a Google search and a bottle of lube away.

It’ll help you sleep better

Masturbation is actually the most natural sleep inducer in the world thanks to the release of endorphins that come post-orgasm. So if your boredom stems from insomnia, add one more reason to the list of why touching yourself is key.

It makes partner sex better

Ladies, truth be told, we really hope none of you end up with a man whose ego is too big that he can’t handle a woman who likes to pleasure herself when she’s with him. Touching yourself is the very first step to learning what feels best to you and how you get yourself off in the most fulfilling way”so that you can bring all of that into the bedroom with him. Touching yourself when alone will help make for a more enjoyable experience when you’re both together. 

It’s empowering as hell

Who run the world? Girls. Why? ˜Cause who needs a man when we can just get ourselves off better anyway. Boi bye.

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