What to Do When You’re Snowed-In

We know, we know, ladies¦we love a good night out on the town with our man as much as the next girl. But sometimes when the weather outside gets frightful (and the fire is so delightful) it can be more than appealing to just stay curled up for a night of low-key, laid-back, good ol’ fashioned at-home fun with your guy.

Here are some of our ideas for how to keep the romance alive when you have to keep the space confined!

Wine & dine
Take on the challenge of selecting a meal to make together from scratch and then after you head out and buy all the ingredients (and of course the accompanying beverage of choice), head home to cook up a storm together. And share a romantic, home-cooked dinner for two. Oh yea, and bonus points for dancing together in the kitchen.

Game night
You know all those ratty old board games that are sitting around your house (or your parents house) just collecting dust? While it is time to bust them out my friend and challenge your man to a good dose of healthy competition. But a wager on the loser (like the next night out is on them!) and then keep tally of who is truly the board game guru of your relationship!

Video game challenge
And speaking of games¦chances are pretty good that even if you don’t have board games kicking around, you probably have at least one video game console (bonus points if’s an old school system like the original Nintendo). Dig around for a few games that you’ll both enjoy and settle in for a night of serious thumb action. Believe us, nothing will turn him on more than seeing his girls go gamer for a night.

Boxset marathon
Have you both been dying (pun intended) to know why everyone is so fascinated with the Walking Dead? Well get yourself into a zombie-like state by planting yourselves on the couch with a boxset of DVDs to any show neither of you have ever seen. Please note: Dates like these, which involve shows that have multiple seasons on DVD, have been known to go on for a whole weekend¦or weeks. You’ve been warned.

20+ question night
This one works best for a relatively new relationships, but can even be fun for couples who think they know everything there is to know about their partner. Cuddle up on the couch with your partner (preferably with a nice roaring fire and maybe a nice bottle of Merlot), turn the tv off and get some low music going, and promise to devote the entire night to just answering all those questions you want (or have always wanted) to know about one another. 

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