Places to Meet Men this Summer

If you are a single lady and looking to meet a few hot guys, here is a list of the best places to come across a few men this summer:

1) Smaller Local Sporting Events
This may seem like a no brainer, but there are surprisingly a lot of sports that aren’t frequented by scores of women. While the more popular teams get the most attention, there are likely a few sports in your neighborhood that wouldn’t mind a new fan or two in the stands. If you’re the athletic type, or just open to trying new things, check out a local MMA or Muay Thai fight. Here you’ll find men with great bodies at their fiercest and, not to mention, half-dressed. That in itself is worth the ticket price. Or, you can find a local Rugby or other sport team to support. Just make sure you don’t get too dolled up, like you’re heading out to the clubs! You may attract a lot of attention, but you will also seem a little out of place and off-putting.

2) Patios and Open Mic Nights
If you’re into musicians and music lovers, you should hit a small restaurant or bar that hosts a weekly open mic night. Here you’ll find budding talent and men with poetic souls. Spark up a conversation with a person at the next table, or ask a cute guy to recommend a new album to download. Groove to the beats, smile, and make sure your using approachable body language.

3) Bookstores with Coffee Shops
If you’re attracted to intellects, then this is the place to be. If you see a hot guy scanning a section, meander over and have a look too. Not only will you gain insight on his interests, but you might also find a good read. For a great conversation starter, ask him what his favourite book or author is, or what book he read last. Next thing you know you might be chatting over coffee. One thing to watch out for: if he’s perusing something like garage mechanics, and you have no interest or understanding of the topic, wait until he moves onto another section before approaching.

4) Walking Trails and Community Parks
Get dressed for some exercise, grab a water bottle, and venture out to a park with a walking trail. A lot of fitness classes head to open field space when the weather is nice. Not to mention, there are usually men out for walks and exercising alone, too. If you come across a guy, say hi and make a comment about the scenery, ask him a question about the park, or even for the time. Note“if the walking trails are fairly remote, it’s always better to bring a friend for safety.

5) The Laundromat
Instead of staying at home on your next laundry day, venture out to a local Laundromat. If you pick one in close proximity to a college or university, you’ll be apt to run into at least one guy. Even pop into a couple first to check out the facilities. While you’re waiting for your delicates, strike up a conversation with a hot guy who’s also waiting. You never know what might happen when the dryer stops.

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