The 7 Great Guy-Approved Gifts

Men are difficult. We know this already ladies. But let me tell you, there is nothing, I repeat nothing, more frustrating than asking your man what he wants for Christmas and getting some half-mumbling, half-shrug response that fails to give you even the slightest indication of what your man even remotely would like to see under the tree of December 25th. Ugh.

So, after much debate, I went straight to the source. I shipped off an email to all the other men in my life asking them to give me their HONEST wish lists for this holiday season. After receiving some very interesting (and entertaining) responses, I have compiled a list of eight guy-approved gifts that your man (and hopefully mine!) would love to see wrapped in a bow this year!

1) iPhone 5

boyfriend gift ideas - iphone 5
This one is kind of a given this holiday season. I would like to find anyone (man, woman, teen, child, dog, cat) who would turn this gift down. Plus the new “Find Friends” App means you’ll be able to keep track of him during his boys-night-out. Win-win if you ask me! Visit for more details.

2) Small airplane lessons

Flying Lessons
Apparently flight simulators games on the Xbox just doesn’t cut it anymore. If you can handle the thought of sending the man you love up into the air in a (very!) tiny scrap of metal, then introductory flying lessons are guaranteed to be something he’ll love. Best part is, a lot of the time they start off at under $100 per lesson. Visit for information of lessons in your area.

3) Power tools

Boyfriend Gift Ideas - Power Tools
I’ll be honest, I really didn’t expect so many guys to suggest a gift that would actually be a reinforcement in requiring them to get off the couch and “fix” things. Surprisingly though, an awful lot of them suggested these. Hammer drills, cordless screwdrivers, and circular saws all topped the list.

4) High-end dress clothes

Boyfriend Gifts - Suit
Guys like to look good. Girls like their guys to look good. Guys aren’t always so good with style. Girls usually are. Walk your pretty tush into your closest Harry Rosen and snatch up a couple good quality dress shirts and ties for your guy. He’ll probably never buy them for himself but he will definitely appreciate you doing it for him.

5) Sport Cufflinks

And the perfect way to personalize those gorgeous shirts you just bought him? Why of course with cufflinks emblazoned with his favorite sports teams. Visit to find cufflinks from the NHL, the NBA, and Hockey Canada teams, as well as other sporting designs.

6) Ski season pass

Boyfriend Gift Idea - Skiing Season Pass
Can’t get your guy off the slopes during the winter months? Pick him up a season pass to one of the local slopes in your area and you can guarantee he will spend his entire summer making it up to you. Or grab a pass for yourself as well… after all, who doesn’t love a good post-ski cuddle in front of the fire with a cup of hot cocoa? Done!

7) Chunky Watches

Chunky Watches
Bigger is better for most things in life. In a guy’s life, watches (among other things) will almost always fall into this category. Luckily there are some great chunky, bold watches popping up these days that will make your guy feel all kinds of manly. Check out brands like Marc Jacobs, Michael Kors, Nixon, Armani, and Diesel for some great options that will ensure he is never late for a date again.

Honorable Mentions:

Hall Pass – Somehow I don’t think even the most loving girlfriend is going to give you one week of no boundaries and no rules. Somehow I also suspect even having it on your “list” won’t go over so well.

50” HD Flat Screen TV – Keep dreaming boys, keep dreaming. You actually might have been luck with the hall pass.

Sexy Lingerie – For you to wear, and him to view. Preferably on you. Preferably on Christmas morning. Who needs presents anyway?

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