Would You Buy Clothing Inspired By “Girls”?

Girls is coming back early next year, and in addition to news of how Hannah can possibly choose to date somebody like Adam (I mean, right?!), Girls costume designer Jenn Rogien may — may — be releasing a label inspired by the series.

However, that's about all we know. Vogue reports that while designing a line isn't totally off the table, her focus remains what she's doing now.

"Never say never, but my strength is costume design, literary analysis," said Rogien. "With fashion designers I really admire how it all comes from their mind. I'm more of a storyteller. I love making things."

The costume designer has also worked on Orange is the New Black and equates her success with being in the right place at the right time. Which also explains where she gets her pieces for Girls: thrift stores. (See? They are as awesome as I've been telling you guys.)

"My go-to is thrift stores," she said. "But I'm hesitant to say which ones." (Before telling Vogue Beacon's Closet and Atlantis Attic in New York are two of her go-tos.)

So while the jury remains out on whether she'll actually start her own Girls label, we should still keep an eye on what she's up to. After all, if not a full label, collaborations (see: Mad Men and Banana Republic) can be the perfect stepping stone to helping all of us dress like Hannah Horvath. Minus the yellow mesh shirt, but that wasn't even hers anyway.

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