Who Gave Hillary Clinton Her Famous Bob?

Honestly, I could talk about Hillary Clinton forever. Leslie Knope and I? It would be a dream hangout with a dream conversation.

Now that being said, in addition to her politics, we're allowed to wonder about her power bob. Why? Because I just said we are, and also, I have, so I am justifying my own curiosity. Fortunately, Elle UK has revealed that a designer friend was responsible for Hillary Clinton's now-famous hair. A little known person by the name of Oscar de la Renta.

In an interview with Gotham, de la Renta spilled the beans, saving reporters the trouble of having to ask the former Secretary of State a question about hair when bigger fish to fry are on the table.

"Doesn't she look great now?" he said. "I told her a while back [when she was Secretary of State] she should cut her hair."

However, she couldn't do it then:

"She said she couldn't do it then because when she arrived in a foreign country and asked for a hairdresser, Homeland Security would have to check that person out."

Well now we know! And also how complicated it is to be in such a top position. (I mean, obviously we knew that — but personally I never thought about having to check out hairdressers and the like.) Here's to Oscar de la Renta's advice!


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