What to Expect from Bachelor in Paradise

Now that The Bachelorette has wrapped up yet another season—spoiler alert: Andi picked Josh—we’re getting ready for the next round of drama with the new ABC show Bachelor in Paradise. With this new show—as is always the case with these group shows like Bachelor Pad—we’re promised lots of drama, makeout sessions and tears, but what else can we expect based on some of the past seasons’ contestants? We’ve got predictions below!

The original contestants:

This is going to be a doozey of a season based on the contestants alone! Looking at some of the guys from Andi’s season of The Bachelorette and Juan Pablo’s season of The Bachelor, we’ve got a good crop of drama-inducers—but some genuinely good apples too.

Andi’s Season:




Juan Pablo’s Season:
-Clare (#CrazyClare)



Sean Lowe’s Season:



Desiree’s Season:



DeAnna’s Season:

Jake’s Season/Bachelor Pad Season 1:
-Michelle Kujawa

Brad’s Season/Bachelor Pad Season 2:
-Michelle Money

Add in some more singles:

These 14 contestants aren’t all that this season has cooked up. While we don’t want to spoil the show just yet (feel free to do your own googling on that front), Bachelor in Paradise promises they’ll be adding in some more contestants throughout the season—and based on our internet scouring, it’s gonna be good (ahem, Cody and Lucy).

Past-season drama:

Remember when Juan Pablo dumped Clare at the last minute and she told him off? Yeah, how could you forget? Well, before all that she was the craziest contestant we had seen in a while, so mix in her distaste for competition and not getting what she wants with some other drama-inducing contestants and we have the recipe for a damn good season ahead. While we’re gunning for the sweetness that is Andi’s Marquel and Marcus, we can’t help but hope that their adorableness stirs up some trouble with the crazy ladies like Elise.

Based on the teasers ABC has been throwing at us throughout the tail end of The Bachelorette season, we’re sure to get a serious amount of tears and catfights, so stay tuned for our weekly recaps!

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