What to Buy on Black Friday & Cyber Monday

Get your wallets ready! Whether you’re crossing the border to do your shopping, or staying in the True North (Canada has peppered in similar sales to keep consumers local), the Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales can be fierce. To help you navigate the racks and give you some focus on those crazy days, we’ve rounded up some of the best buys on Black Friday and Cyber Monday—just make sure you don’t get trampled.

Good quality pots and pans can be expensive, as can state of the art appliances like standing mixers and food processors, but this is a great time to invest in good, solid pieces. If you’re okay with having some extra pots and pans lying around, the first things to go on sale are the sets, so make sure you peruse the flyers and be ready to dash for your pre-dining-ware.

Apple anything:
Apple almost never has sales, so if you’ve been needing a new laptop or wanting to splurge on an iPad, this is the day to do it. From personal experience, iPads are usually around $50 off (depending on where you go, but this isn’t just limited to the US sales), which is kind of a big deal when they run for $200+. Check out stores like Walmart and Best Buy and if you can get to locations in the ‘burbs, you might just be able to score some new tech gear without waiting in any lineups.

Holiday decorations:
Since the American Thanksgiving weekend falls about a month before Christmas, the decorations will undoubtedly start rolling into stores. If you’re in need of some new dé©cor—whether it’s a faux tree, some garland, ornaments or even some entertaining pieces—there are sure to be some good deals to deck your halls.

Prepare yourself for the mid-season premieres and cold winter months when your PVR and Netflix account are going to be getting a workout. Whether you’re opting for something small for the bedroom, or going full-scale for that movie theatre-style feeling, TVs are easy to find on days like these. Scope out some of the flyers ahead of time to see what you like and when the sales are running—some big box stores start their sales a little early and have door-crashers on Cyber Monday for an extra discount, so be ready to jump on a deal.

Gaming consoles:
Okay, so this may be more for the guys and you may not like us encouraging this too much, but if you’ve got a boyfriend/husband/brother that is in need of the new Xbox One or whatever the newest fandangled thing is, this might just be your chance to begrudgingly swoop one up for the man in your life. Just be forewarned: you may not see him for a while after. Just saying. 

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