A Weekend for New Arrivals

It’s been a memorable weekend for two A-list couples whose families have just expanded: Saturday, Kate Hudson and rocker fiancee Matt Bellamy welcomed a son, while Posh and Becks delivered a baby girl early in the early hours of Sunday.

Despite rumours that the littlest Beckham will be named Harper, most news outlets have claimed that no official name has been released, but according to Mr. Perez Hilton, Romeo’s been hoping for a wee “Justine Bieber” (and who hasn’t?). The “first daughter” (get it, guys?) weighed in at a healthy 7 pounds, 10 ounces, and the family spokesperson released the very enthusiastic statement that “Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz are excited to welcome their new baby sister into the family.”

Meanwhile, everyone else in the world sighed deeply after realizing that even after delivering a daughter, none of us will ever look as chic as Posh.

However, in Kate and Matt’s world, the two welcomed “a healthy baby boy” on Saturday night, also to be named. Hudson Jr. Jr. is the second son for Ms. Hudson who also has 7-year-old Ryder (whose dad is Kate’s former husband, Chris Robinson of the Black Crowes) – and we can only assume he’s also hoping for a Justin Bieber name tribute.

But the real question of the hour? Who’s going to have baby number three? Two’s an uneven number to leave things at, so we can only assume that with a little bit of time, the proverbial stork will drop in on Hollywood before we know it. (Sorry Eric and Rebecca, your baby announcement isn’t enough.)

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