Essie is Launching a Vending Machine

If we didn't already love Essie enough, they've decided to make nail polish-buying more convenient. The beauty company is launching their own vending machine, called Essie Colour Boutique. The machines will first appear at the JetBlue terminal at JFK airport in New York City and at the Oakland International Airport later this month. They are expected to begin rolling out the vending machine around other large American airports (here's hoping Toronto's Pearson Airport gets a bit of this love, too). 

Each Essie Colour Boutique will sell 48 shades, 42 of which will be from main collections. The additional six will be from rotating seasonal collections. Each bottle will cost $8.50 USD, which is their usual price. 

An airport is a pretty good place for a nail polish vending machine. There is often a ton of time to kill, and no one wants to start a vacation with less-than-fabulous nails. And what better way to wait in front of your gate than by dolling up your nails with a new colour? 

The nail polish company is also planning to launch the vending machines at two shopping centers in California later this year. I'm not sure how well this is going to go, since people can just pop into a beauty or drug store to scope out Essie's latest collections. 

Regardless, hopefully the Essie Colour Boutique soon makes its way to Canadian airports, because sometimes we need a bit of last-minute makeup shopping, too! For those of you traveling to the states soon, the vending machines at JFK and Oakland International Airports will debut this month. 

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