Brody and Jayde Part Ways

Word on the street is that reality stars Brody Jenner and Jayde Nicole have parted ways, marking the end of an undoubtedly intellectually stimulating relationship.  (Until next season, that is.)

Although I normally don’t condone discussing this type of celebrity occurrence, I can’t help but think that Hills stars (and those paid to party at various clubs around the world) put themselves in a position that allows us to collectively judge.  Or at least allow for a five-minute distraction during our coffee breaks.

If we recall from past episodes (does anyone recall? That would entail watching the show, right?), the two have had a tumultuous relationship speckled with make-up and break-ups at the hands of immaturity, excess partying and interference by MTV’s new old favourite, Kristen Cavallari.  (With the occasional interjection of mood music and dramatic looks.)  Just another day in the life of manufactured celebrity.

However, regardless of authenticity, teens (and I’m sure the occasional twenty-something) will rejoice over this holiday miracle that will allow Brody to continue his bachelor ways, whether it be appearing at clubs or shamelessly soaking up female attention.

I’m sure the next season of the former MTV favourite will play out the next chapter in the Jayde/Brody saga “ Jaeger bombs and all.  That is, if anyone continues to watch it.  (If not, the ten second commercial spots usually suffice.)


Until the next Whisper

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