The Bachelorette, Season 11, Episode 3 Recap: Take This Ring

Now that it’s all official, Kaitlyn can get cracking on those dates.

The episode started off with Chris Harrison paying Kaitlyn a visit and chatting about what it means for her to be the bachelorette and how she feels about the guys that may not have voted for her. Over at a hotel nearby, Britt called her mom in tears to let her know that she was coming home sooner than she expected. But, in this perfectly timed tearful moment, Brady showed up at Britt’s hotel room door to give her a hug and get to know her a bit better.

Back at the mansion, the first group date was getting started with Daniel, Justin, Jared, Corey, Tanner, Kupah, Ben H, Ben Z. ready to go spar it out for Kaitlyn’s affection. The guys rolled up to a warehouse where Kaitlyn is waiting along with Laila Ali to give the guys some sparring lessons. While all of the guys were trying to get their moment in with Kaitlyn, Kupah was pretty focused and was taking advantage of the lessons… basically because he forgot the real reason he was there. Laila Ali dropped the bomb that the guys are going to be fighting one another in the ring and that only one will come out the champ. And what happens when you throw two guys fighting for the same girl into a boxing ring? Well, they fight. Like for realsies. They were going at each other harrrddddddd. The final round was Ben Z. and Jared and while Jared put up a good fight, Ben Z. is effing huuuuge and well, brick walls don’t get knocked down easily, but, Jareds do. Jared was sent to the hospital while Kaitlyn went on to wine the other seven guys, including Ben Z., who she pulled aside almost immediately. She chatted with some of the other guys, trying to see which one deserved the date rose. While she was chatting with Daniel, Kaitlyn received a note from Jared. Jared took her for a quick stroll before going to rest his head, but not without getting a kiss better first. After much deliberation, Kaitlyn pulled Ben Z. aside to give him his champion rose and kiss.

At the mansion, the next date card arrived summoning Clint on the first solo date of the season. Kaitlyn took Clint for a drive to a villa in California for an underwater photo shoot. While the “underwater conceptual photographer” was checking the photo proofs, Clint and Kaitlyn had themselves a little makeout session in the pool. After their photo shoot, Clint and Kaitlyn had a chance to talk (because, obviously, underwater shoots aren’t conducive to “getting to know one another”) and she admitted Clint brought out her more “romantic” side, which obviously worked because he the second rose and a whole lot more kissing.

The last date card arrived with JJ, Jonathan, Joshua, Chris, Ian, Joe and Tony on the list. Poor healer Tony just wanted to know if he and Kaitlyn had a connection, but JJ was ready to tear down any guy who stands in his way. Kaitlyn met up with THE FUNNIEST WOMAN ALIVE, Amy Schumer, to get ready for the group date. She met up with the guys (including JJ’s hella cocky alter-ego) and brought them in to meet the comedienne of the century. The guys were going to be doing some standup comedy (though the jokes were pretty rough from the looks of it) with the help of some funny ladies. When Amy Schumer sat down with JJ, her thoughts were, “he’s a sweetheart, he’s just lacking charisma, humility and a sense of humour. Maybe when he sees the show he’ll reflect on himself and not be such a little turd.” BOOM. Our thoughts exactly. One by one, the guys got up and did their spiel and, for the most part, they were pretty funny and definitely good sports about the whole thing. Even “Cupcake” Chris, who went in with barely any jokes and a serious case of the jitters, did pretty damn good. Tony spent the first five minutes giving gratitude for the “experience” and, well, that’s basically it. Later on the group date, Tony babbled a little more (time for the twitter check), JJ got a kiss and then Joe did, too. In the end, JJ’s cockiness was well placed as he got a rose, too.

At the mansion, the guys were playing some good old-fashioned jokes on each other showing who some of the not-so-sharp tools in the shed are (Justin, poor guy). When it was time for the cocktail party, it seemed like the guys were taking a pretty good approach for the most part–except JJ because he’s an ass–and were going to let the guys who didn’t have dates have some time with Kaitlyn. Before Kaitlyn had even had her first drink, JJ swooped in and pulled her aside, even though his spot was already secured because he had to remind her “what husband material looks like.” VOM. Kaitlyn got some solo time kissing time with Ian while JJ kept poking at Tony, hoping he would crack (which he did) and in turn go home.

Kupah sat down with Kaitlyn wanting to know if they had a connection at all, but she called him out on his shit saying he hasn’t really made an effort and that he didn’t notice her at their first group date. He was surprised that she felt that way, but danced around the topic of not wanting to fill a “quota” but Kaitlyn said that she still wanted to get to know him, but he was still questioning things. She was trying to be up front, but he was beating around the bush, which turned Kaitlyn off saying “I felt a connection with you and I don’t feel that anymore.” He made a last ditch effort of a plea to stick around, but she needed some time to think it through. Kupah started relaying the convo to the rest of the guys in a not-so-quiet manor and that really set Kaitlyn off, so much that she wanted to send him packing immediately. He tried to state his case again, but this Canadian girl had her mind made up and off he went. (A little rash, but it’s her choice to make.) Kupah started losing it in his post-leave interview in his really quiet voice (not. he doesn’t know what quiet means), sending Kaitlyn back out to break things up. And that, of course, is where the episode ended… way to ruin it for everyone else, Kupah!

Oh, but before the final credits rolled, we got a sneak peek of giddy Britt and Brady being all lovey beginning their “very beautiful relationship” after Brady asked Britt to be his “girl” (I can’t even say anything about it… my fiancé© asked me to be his gf the exact same way. I still make fun of him for it.). Britt came for love and that’s what she got. Awwww.

Coming up roses: Ben Z., Clint, JJ…

Kiss count: Jared, Ben Z., Clint, JJ, Joe, Ian (Episode “ 6; Season “ 7)

Cry count: None yet, but it looks like there are going to be some boy tears this season!

Bachelors to watch: JJ, Ben Z., Shawn B. and Chris

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