This Year’s White Cashmere Collection Will Be Wedding Dresses!

When you think of bridal wear, beautiful gowns made from silk and satin and embellished with lace and rhinestones are just some of the materials that come to mind. However, what if we told you wedding dresses have been constructed out of an ordinary household item such as bathroom tissue. Bathroom tissue you say? Oh yes, we did.

Since 2004 Canadian fashion designers, the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation and the White Cashmere Collection have come together to fight breast cancer marrying (pun intended) bathroom tissue and bridal wear. This September, the 12th Annual White Cashmere Collection event returns and will showcase the works of 16 of the country’s top designers to help raise awareness and funds for breast cancer. The designers will construct bridal wear and accessories entirely out of 100 per cent Cashmere Bathroom Tissue; needless to say, their ability to work with such delicate and soft material requires the utmost skill and patience.

This year, the White Cashmere Collection has also teamed up with wedding trends expert Jessica Mulroney, public relations and marketing specialist for Kleinfeld Bridal at Hudson’s Bay, to curate the popular and show-stopping event. Expressing her excitement for this year’s much anticipated affair, Mulroney said, The white wedding gown has become one of the world’s most enduring symbols of love and new beginnings and I’m honoured and thrilled to collaborate with Canada’s most talented and famed bridal designers, and Cashmere, to help raise much needed funds and awareness to support women and their families affected by breast cancer.

Twenty-five cents from every sale of Cashmere Bathroom Tissue goes directly to the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation during October’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

The 16 designers chosen to display their talents and wares made from the limited-edition Cashmere Bathroom Tissue on the catwalk are: Kim Ironmonger of Valencienne, Elsa Carlesimo of Paloma Blanca, Francesca Mammoliti and Cindy Fine of Frascara, Catherine Langlois, Melissa Gentile, Sunny Fong of VAWK, Anastasia Lomonova, Angel Spendlove and Julie Forand of & FOR LOVE, Alan Ta of Just Ta Designs, Lisa Abi Chedid, Chris Tyrell and Jim Searle of Hoax Couture, Christopher Paunil, Sofia Sokoloff, Lea-Ann Belter, Rita Resolin, and David Dunkley.

Wondering what these designers have in store for wedding dress couture made out of bathroom tissue? Check out their initial sketches in the image gallery below and trust us when we say that the finished products will be a sight to behold.

Catherine Langlois

Catherine Langlois
Christopher Paunil

Christopher Paunil

Frascara – Francesca Mammoliti and Cindy Fine

Frascara - Francesca Mammoliti and Cindy Fine

Hoax Couture – Chris Tyrell and Jim Searle

Hoax Couture - Jim Searle and Chris Tyrell

Valencienne – Kim Ironmonger

Valencienne - Kim Ironmonger

Melissa Gentile

Melissa Gentile

Paloma Blanca – Elsa Carlesimo

Paloma Blanca - Elsa Carlesimo

VAWK – Sunny Fong

VAWK - Sunny Fong

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