Victoria Beckham’s Christmas Gift

Well, obviously David Beckham is going to get his wife, Victoria, something for Christmas. (I mean, come on.) But apparently, his gift is now headline-worthy because he bought her . . . 

Silk pajamas.

Seriously! That’s what the whole hoopla is about. According to several reports, David hit up Harrods in the UK and scored two pairs of silk pajamas by Olivia von Halle (which, in all fairness, are mightly lovely-looking). The designer is reportedly very 1920s-inspired, and sets go for about $500 each.

Dang! But if anyone was going to buy them, Posh and Becks are among the most likely.

Meanwhile, also in England, a Spice Girls documentary is set to air on ITV over Christmas, and Posh makes the startling revelation that nobody wanted to date her.

“There was a stage where someone wrote once how every woman wanted to be one of us, and every man wanted to date one of us,” Victoria says in the doc. “Not that anyone wanted to date me — I think everyone wanted to sort of like, just brush my hair.”

How the tables have turned, Ms. Silk Pajamas! (Though I will admit that when I had the Posh Spice Barbie doll, I, and all my friends, really did want to brush her hair.)

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